Sunday, December 14, 2008

mary & blair

good friends of ours, wonderful cute kids...
just a 10 minute quickie
(low on the wordage tonight)

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oh, just got back from a cross country road trip. well, missouri to utah, but we drove the last 300 miles at 25-30mph, lots of snow, lots of wrecks, lots of rockstar.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why? Why. Why!

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding.
By: Kevin & Katie
of Kevin Hulett Photography

There are as many wedding photographers out there as there are bridal gowns on the rack. How do you know you’re going to have quality photographs, a true professional and every detail covered?
Ultimately, it comes down to how you really feel about the photographer you’re looking at. Don’t price shop. The important thing is to find the one that fits with your style and personality - someone you find a connection with. My advice is for you and your fiancĂ© to chat with as many photographers as you can in person and view their work. Narrow it down based on who you feel the best about. Only then look at what they charge. The photographer you just fell in love with will be worth the extra $500 that exceeds your budget. Or you may find that the photographer you like the most is priced well under what you had in mind.
What to look for:
• An artistic style that matches your personality. Do you want fun, candid shots? Elegant studio styled images? The images the photographer shows you are his/her finest work, and they will reflect the creative method that they are best at. Some photographers are more comfortable shooting what they know works. And some take each wedding as an opportunity to evolve creatively.
• Do you and the photographer get along? This is important. A photographer may have great work, but if you find him/her stuffy or unenthusiastic, it could be distracting on your wedding day.
• Look at the photographer’s body of work. Does every wedding look the same but with a different bride and groom? Some brides want to know exactly what their pictures will look like before they make a selection. Others want to leave it up to the photographer to create a distinctive look based on the unique relationship of the couple.
• Extras. Many packages will include things you may not want or need. They are usually fillers and are great for making the couple feel like they are getting lots of perks. Get what you want. Many photographers are happy to customize packages for you.
• Book with them as soon as you know your wedding date. The sooner you are on a photographer’s schedule, the easier it will be to work with you if you have any changes or other issues that come up.
Finding the right photographer for your wedding is as important as anything else you choose for your entire wedding experience. Pay close attention to their most recent work, ask a lot of questions, and most importantly, go with how you feel about them as individuals and professionals.

I wrote this for the new wedding magazine that's coming out in Janurary. You know the one, it's at every supermarket, gas station, etc in STG. So let me know what you think.

I was really stressed about getting this done. it's done, i'm really glad...

I didn't want to be pro-expensive photographers, cheap photographers, me or any other photographer. I just wanted to write something honest that would help brides choose.

anywho, time to get the kids to bed!