Thursday, March 25, 2010

True Emotion Photography X Classes

2 Days 2 Unique Experiences!

This is the 10th edition of the True Emotion Photography classes in St. George, UT by K Hulett Photography. We're excited to be offering 2 completely unique adventures...

TEP X Advanced Photography for Beginners Level 1
TEP X Advanced Photography for the Aspiring Professional Level 2

Click here for prices and to read more on our facebook page or website.

Gonna be 2 SWEET classes. 12 Students MAX.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

K Hulett Photography has a new sponsor!

We're so excited to be sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging! We love Miller's, and are super happy they love us back. Click on the link to check out their site.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photography Class - True Emotion Photography X

Why did you do that? How did you? What made you? Who are you?

TEP X ... Kayenta, Ivins, UT. May 1st 2010.

Advanced Class Beginner Class

The 10th edition of TEP

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Landon & Kailyn

International Wedding Photographers - K Hulett Photography -

Katie and I have been fortunate enough to photograph these 2 for the past....5 years? And as a side note their parents were one of my first 3 weddings! We had a blast out in Kayenta goofin' off.

Just got back from WPPI last week. We are pretty inspired and are re-tooling our biz a lot. Stoked to start pushing it a bit more. Lots of ideas floating around. We'll be touching on those probably starting tomorrow.

New Beginning Class &&& Advanced Class! TEP X !Whoo!
Haiti Benefit
New Studio
etc etc etc

AND we got our first sponsor today!!! I'll post the details in the next couple days!


it's not spelled wrong it's Spanish (Chile) [informal] =)