Friday, September 26, 2008


They're playing the theme from night court!!!! Aahhhh! What a find!

Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Taira

Had a great breakfast/lunch with my good friend Taira this morning. Hadn't seen her since she flew out to drive up and see Bjork with me in San Fran 4 years ago. Had a lot of fun catching up. Ate at a cool little bistro on the bay. I had been thinking I want to eat at a really nice, inexpensive place on the water, with some delicious healthy food. And after thinking of it and picturing the place, I swear we ate at the exact place I was picturing. Our table was right above the water, I had a portabello mushroom salad, perfect weather. I'm really being reminded of the power of attraction and thought, as I'm manifesting all these wonderful things in my life. I'm right across the street from Progress Energy Park, it's a minor league baseball field. Literally across the street, it's right there, see, right...i'm pointing...anyway i was thinking how cool it would be to take some pictures there, since the groom is a big baseball fan. On the way back from breakfast I told Taira I would just walk back to the hotel, I just felt like I needed to. I happened to take the right turn down the right street and ran into one of the managers of the ball field (he was wearing a ball shirt and looked important). He said,"sure! just come by tomorrow anytime and well let you on the field." hahahahahaha how freakin cool is that.
So I'm so thankful to be here, loving this place, the weather, missing my family, but knowing also that they are glad i'm here, and using this opportunity to it's fullest and just being open to whatever may come.

Reaching out to embrace the random.
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.-maynard

St. Pete

Beautiful Bay

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Two words spliced together to spell: sweet!!

Airport pickup

I'm simotanuously(?) glad my name isn't brooks, and curious who's is.


Off to Tampa... I told lux I was leaving and told her Id miss her a
lot, and she picked up her necklace and said," every time I look at my
necklace I'll think of you.". That just breaks my heart from here. :)


I do realize I'm making this way more fun than it should be, and
that's just as it should be. There's mountains in the background,
it's just really smoggy today. What is it about coffee in an airport,
such a beautiful mix of anticipation, relaxation, openness, and
caffene. I do love to travel, but I also love home. A nice mix of
both I think would do Katie and I well.
I want more weddings abroad. I needed to say it outloud, it makes it
come true, faster, try it.

Le metro?


Vegas is so freakin dirty in the daylight. Dirty in any light
actually. Off to the airport, I hope I don't have to pay for my extra

Monday, September 22, 2008

placement of the hand

ok done! and i'm sending them out tomorrow! leave some love!

....ok this is it, (maybe)


Love this i guess i'm just going to keep posting these as I go along, it's bringing me a silly amount of joy today

pearl jam is just kicking my butt today, i couldn't be having a better moment


Can someone please tell me why I like this photo so much!? LOVE IT

HAHA these pics are so sic!

Wedding in Tampa

So, uh....the wedding I was to shoot in Tampa, FL on the 27th of Sept., the one that got cancelled .... well uh, it's back on! And I just found out about an hour ago, I'm Stoked!!!! I thought I was just gonna be here this weekend! and now I'm a little .... frantic! i have a lot to do before i leave in 3 days! But I'm excited! Yeah Kevin and Heidi!!!!!

Also I'm teaching another TEP class on Monday. Why Monday you ask, well Monday seems to work for everyone involved. It should be pretty cool, my idea this time is to just be organized and laid back. I want it to just be discussion oriented class, where we're all just kind of hanging out, talking about cameras and light and so on, except I know the most, haha, well... i better!

Friday, September 19, 2008

not cocky, just confident

they look good huh? i'm really not doing much to them, the energy that day created these, i'm either...adding a little light or taking Away some color (not in these 3) the main differences are where the light is coming from and how much i wanted to use. no flash, i really still don't care for flash, especially on beautiful natural shots like these ( i did use it a couple times though, so emily and her mom could see her face in at least a couple!) i don't ever like to spoil the surprise, but i don't think emily and tyler read my blog anyways, besides, they're not cropped yet....but i'm in love with these pictures, love love love these pics

you waited .... for this (how long (question mark))

People explained him by saying that he had the vitality of a healthy animal, but they knew dimly that that was not correct. He had the vitality of a healthy human being, a thing so rare that no one could identify it. He had the power of certainty. -Atlas Shrugged
Fountainhead changed the way I viewed a lot of things, and Atlas Shrugged is doing some great reaffirming and strengthening. And I have to say i'm only 1/9th of the way through it, nice!!! I feel amazing when I read her, I am powerful and in control of my life. it's amazing how words can change the way you're feeling and on a deep level, it changes you, it lifts you to another level. I don't and havn't read many books, but I read good ones...
to be honest i don't feel i have much to say at the moment...just wanted to squeeze out a blog entry. hopefully i'll add some more today when i'm on my computer finishing up a wedding....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008


1. Flat tires are kind of a headache, kind of if you let them...I
did. 2. New tires are uh expensive! But! I didn't have to buy one
today...horray for me

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So anyways...

So I keep thinking that I am actually going to turn this into a photography blog instead of just random stuff kevin is thinking blog. But you gotta know that stuff takes time and i am struggling for time at the moment. anyone else have 2 kids...anyone? it's great, i love it, i love them to death, i am doing my best to fit meaningful blogging into the middle somewhere...
...i had my birthday yesterday, 28 wow, that's not that old is it...i don't feel like it is, it actually feels better than 27 for some reason, perhaps cause 2 and 7 equal nine and 2 and 8 equal awesome...not for sure though. that's what i just keep hearing. katie took me out and said ok what do you want to do, kids are taken care of, we can go do whatever you want.......uhhh...i couldn't think of anything...i was stumped, so we went to players and watched football, and were home by 8. HAHA i didn't want to be a downer on my Bday, but just what am I to do with that conundrum. mmmmm....well it turned out to be an amazing evening...and i'll leave it at that.
ok so the pictures you see here (exibit a, b and sometimes y) are from the art book for Michelle and Josh's wedding. I think it turned out pretty nice...let me know what you think....i'm going to leave it there, I'm finished tonight, i feel kinda beat, will write more tomorrow....promise.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My birthday

What a perfect day! This place is filled with love and
this spot.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The thing that has always been funny to me is that nobody questions
you if u act like your suppost to be there...I'm just sitting on the
sidelines, chillin, watchin the game, lol...great view.

I'm such a poacher!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i've got allergies, i've got allergies and we just got a cat. so allergies x2. i took some allergy medicine 2 days ago, zytec or something. man, i felt really really good for about 8hours, then uh i freakin crashed. i was so groggy, and today i just feel like i want to bury my head in a hole. what's in that stuff, i feel like i took some crack or something. i just don't want to ever feel like this again...i'll keep the runny nose itchy eyes itchy ears, headache.
same thing with caffeine, i'm just about sick of feeling tired unless i've drank some ice tea or coffee. this isn't a new discovery for me, but i'll tell you i'm really tired of being tired and unmotivated, unless i'm jacked on some fresh delicious caffeine...mmmm i can smell the aroma...ahh freshly roasted caffeine....
dangerous discussion living in STG
Just about finished with Michelle's art book, haha i've been saying that for a while now. but really, i am this time. i'll post some pictures probably tonight...i'm trying to think of the best way to describe it. it's an art book. an art book, what else can i say, katie and i poured our hearts into a hand made book. sketches, pictures,! i re-did all the pictures in the book, new crops, new color, less color, designs...etc....i like it...
then i'm finishing up Heather and Tyler's...yikes! that's my Paris couple...i'm applying way to much pressure, but it's got to be perfect! haha .....ha....h a
Uh, Believe i'll be watching DOG the bounty hunter tonight. my favorite show, that and frasier. quite a contrast, but so are smoke and mirrors.
So I got a call on a wedding in October. It's a small one, and i am thankful for it. Actually really excited for a fall wedding in Santa Clara...all those big trees lining the road, small little town. weddings don't have to be in Cancun or Paris to be amazing and beautiful, it all depends on the chemistry of the couple. sound cheezy, well it's true! that and a beautiful bride....that helps. but beauty lies on the inside, and comes out through the eyes. that's what i love to capture, it's energy, and if you can capture that...well people can feel your photos, and they'll love them! and love you! and buy you a dinner at olive garden! just my experience ....
except it wasn't olive garden...but you get the idea....
so i've been listening to classical music lately..."all the best hits from the 16, 17, and 1800s. really? the best hits? makes me think of what the best hits would be from the 1900s, would there be some brittney spears or lil wayne, or fat elvis in there? quite a lot of music's gone on in the past 100 years. what would be the equivalent in those days? am i listening to a bunch of pop music written in belly shirts with bling? well i can tell you that it all sounds like movies i've seen, i keep picturing darth vader fighting with han solo while making quesadillas for lux and hazel.
i've never seen star wars, but i've seen commercials
ok, if you read all of this i want you to leave a comment and give me your address, i'll send you something for the time you've wasted =)

bon jour!

oh and i shaved my head last night...just for fun. (maybe it was the zyrtec)

Monday, September 1, 2008


Photoshoot at Coral Canyon 6:30am, I love getting up early! But
usually drag by about 4pm.

Our struggling economy

Yep, that's 27$ worth of starbucks for family day! We played football!
And then crashed... :)