Thursday, September 25, 2008


I do realize I'm making this way more fun than it should be, and
that's just as it should be. There's mountains in the background,
it's just really smoggy today. What is it about coffee in an airport,
such a beautiful mix of anticipation, relaxation, openness, and
caffene. I do love to travel, but I also love home. A nice mix of
both I think would do Katie and I well.
I want more weddings abroad. I needed to say it outloud, it makes it
come true, faster, try it.


  1. You just said it aloud. Good job.

    Now I'll say mine aloud: "I want to come to Utah in April and do my photography practicum with you. I will follow you around for 2 weeks and be your assistant. For free."


  2. Come! I hope I have something for you to watch me do! haha