Friday, September 19, 2008

not cocky, just confident

they look good huh? i'm really not doing much to them, the energy that day created these, i'm either...adding a little light or taking Away some color (not in these 3) the main differences are where the light is coming from and how much i wanted to use. no flash, i really still don't care for flash, especially on beautiful natural shots like these ( i did use it a couple times though, so emily and her mom could see her face in at least a couple!) i don't ever like to spoil the surprise, but i don't think emily and tyler read my blog anyways, besides, they're not cropped yet....but i'm in love with these pictures, love love love these pics


  1. Don't read your blogs, eh? I beg to differ!

  2. I am absolutley amazed!! so much I cant spell it!