Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding in Tampa

So, uh....the wedding I was to shoot in Tampa, FL on the 27th of Sept., the one that got cancelled .... well uh, it's back on! And I just found out about an hour ago, I'm Stoked!!!! I thought I was just gonna be here this weekend! and now I'm a little .... frantic! i have a lot to do before i leave in 3 days! But I'm excited! Yeah Kevin and Heidi!!!!!

Also I'm teaching another TEP class on Monday. Why Monday you ask, well Monday seems to work for everyone involved. It should be pretty cool, my idea this time is to just be organized and laid back. I want it to just be discussion oriented class, where we're all just kind of hanging out, talking about cameras and light and so on, except I know the most, haha, well... i better!

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