Friday, September 19, 2008

you waited .... for this (how long (question mark))

People explained him by saying that he had the vitality of a healthy animal, but they knew dimly that that was not correct. He had the vitality of a healthy human being, a thing so rare that no one could identify it. He had the power of certainty. -Atlas Shrugged
Fountainhead changed the way I viewed a lot of things, and Atlas Shrugged is doing some great reaffirming and strengthening. And I have to say i'm only 1/9th of the way through it, nice!!! I feel amazing when I read her, I am powerful and in control of my life. it's amazing how words can change the way you're feeling and on a deep level, it changes you, it lifts you to another level. I don't and havn't read many books, but I read good ones...
to be honest i don't feel i have much to say at the moment...just wanted to squeeze out a blog entry. hopefully i'll add some more today when i'm on my computer finishing up a wedding....

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