Monday, September 1, 2008


Photoshoot at Coral Canyon 6:30am, I love getting up early! But
usually drag by about 4pm.


  1. Hey Kev, I just found your blog... wanted to give you a thanx for that cool location. the only problem with blogging i have found is that people see your recent stuff and want to "go to that same place" needless to say my clients LOVE that place, and i am already sick of it. I get sick of the "same old, same old" fast! so I am on the search for new and interesting locations... im thinking Hurricane? LOVE the baby pics BTW. I just wanted to post a comment near the top where u would see it)

  2. what location?....i seem to remember talking to you about something...haha...i have the worst memory. yeah the baby pics turned out nice i thought, good energy with those two.