Friday, January 30, 2009

El show del wedding un para noche. Grande!

So, the wedding show was a success. I spoke to a lot of brides, moms and a few grooms. There were so many photographers there (15) that you would think there would be all this competition and you’d be lucky to get one or two weddings. However, the thing that I like so much is that I know I’m going to book the brides I want to shoot. Each photographer has their own style, sure it overlaps, but for the most part a bride will have it narrowed down to 3 or so right off the bat. And the brides that want all the posey pictures will get the posey photographers, those that want the cutie bubble gum photography will get that and those that want the art photographers will get them. I’m not docking any other photographers, I’m actually saying it’s pretty cool that we all have our little corners of the market here and it doesn’t feel like this ridiculous competition. No one is out to get anyone as far as competition goes and there’s plenty to go around. I just had this wonderful heartwarming feeling come over me while we were there, that I really hope we all (the photographers) book equal weddings by number. I like that way more than, “what can I do to take over this market (drool and seeth coming from my breath).”
I definatly felt like my photography this year has jumped a level and I’m at a point I feel really confident in. This is due in large part to all the amazing weddings I shot last year, location wise and also energy wise. I had some of my favorite brides I’ve ever had last year. Brides that said, “We trust your eye, we just want some amazing pictures.” And that just frees me up to explore and create based on what I see and not worry about doing what mommy and daddy want.
Also I want to thank Heidi for helping us. It was really nice to have her there. I’m very grateful and a little blown away she wanted to be there saying nice things about me all day. Also we could not have gotten everything done on time without Brad & Kendall Glouser, Mark & Lisa Petersen, Robin Whitmer, Aubrie, Dayci, Sarai, Elise, Ashlea, Derek, Kyle, Aunt Donna, Seth, Nathan from Print-It, Elise (Kaylie's sister) & Nicole (magazine editor).
Wedding shows are nuts…I’m glad it’s over!
*note, I’m not sure if seeth is a word, but I like it so much in that context that I’m declaring as so. I suppose I could look it up, but I like it better this way. FIN

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Holy cow. How do I begin to say how crazy and stressful this wedding
show was to prepare for. I'll just leave it at that.
Met some awesome brides...I'm excited for 09.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...and the losers are...

The Thinker and The Close up.

Thanks for everyone's help. We'll see you next year.

Oh! and I added the Notre Dame Dancing pic...will post later....

Which 6 would you keep?

Here's the pictures we've decided to enlarge for the wedding shows. We're doing 6 probably 2-3feet by 3-4 feet. So out of these 8, which 2 would you toss! it's such a hard decision!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Utah Bride and Groom Magazine

Hello, I'm excited to announce KHP was featured on the Utah Bride and Groom website Here. Check it out, it's a pretty nice write up. Not necessary my favorite pics from the wedding, but I do like it when other people rifle through my stuff and fit their taste. It's fun to see what other people are drawn to. We're hoping to go back to Paris this spring. But right now we're really really focused on our wedding shows at the end of Jan/Feb. Really you wouldn't know how much work it takes unless you've done one. I have some hopeful weddings and some weddings booked abroad as of right now in Colorado Springs, Cancun, Lake of the Ozarks (my childhood home) Seattle, Kansas City, ST George, and Park City. But none in April yet! sorry Michelle! don't worry it'll book soon.
If you're not Michelle, she is an amazing photography student from Canada aey who's flying down for a couple weeks to shadow me aey. She's also family aey, that I've never met. So I'm a bit flattered to say the least, and it will be fun....aey.
Back to work!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Emily and Tyler 7/28/08

A photographer's dream wedding. Sic location in Playa Del Carmen, MX, Stunning bride, amazing energy, fun, beautiful friends and family. What else could I have asked for?... perhaps to stay an extra day or two, but I am thankful for the time I had with them. I flew into Cancun on a friday afternoon, at customs, the line wasn't a line, it was an entire room full of people, shoulder to shoulder and up the stairs (where I was). see picture. There were 5 or 6 custom officials checking passports, so you do the math! Yeah I didn't leave for 4-5 hours, but, I made the best of it. sending out positive energy, enjoying the people around me, really soaking in that I'm in Cancun and this, and everything, is just perfect. And you know, just doing that, connecting with people, makes it one of the best parts of my trip. anyways, off to the hotel. All inclusive and beautiful resort at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya. The hooked me up to say the least with a mini suite...
Emily met me before sunrise....5am?... the next morning. quiet morning, so freakin beautiful, dark sky, stars, waves crashing. Then to watch the sun come up....come on! so we just relaxed took our time and shot for a couple hours, Emily was a natural, easy to shoot...then about an hour later, the wedding was on, 20-30 guests, on the beach, Emily comes walking out with her dad....what can I say, it was just...perfect. I'm not quite sure what I was doing wearing a black polo shirt, cause it got pretty hot, pretty fast, but none the less, everything went flawlessly. I went back to my room after, took an hour nap, spent some alone time in the ocean, and proceeded to meet everyone in the pool where we started our drinking.... We 'celebrated' all afternoon, shot some more pics at sunset and went to dinner. We ate and drank and everyone was merry. And if you were there, that's how I want to remember the night ending =).
See I don't really drink too much, wine here, a sam adams there does me quite well. so when I woke up at 6am the next morning after drinking tequilla and whatever all day, i really thought I might just die, and that was before I left for the airport at...let's say 7am. I climb into the taxi and...........out. I remember hearing other people get in, and someone saying hi, but that's it...misery. airport, stumbling to get my stuff, i've only felt that bad a few times, and i will never again! ANYWAYS, so I'm in line waiting to check my bags, propping my self against what I can and I turn around and asked the guy who rode in the cab with me to watch my bags so I could go pay 8,000 pecos or something for a gatorade. he kinda looked at me and.."..uh...i don't know" i mean we're in MX, I would have been a little weary too. but i explained that I was about to die and he was cool with it, and I'm telling you, after about 4 drinks of gatorade, I felt amazing. I think they make it a little different down there. So, I start talking to the guy and the girl he's with and, they're getting married in Cancun next summer and came down to check out hotels. "oh, well, i'm a photographer and .....etc" LOL, but they were totally cool, very laid back, wonderful energy...and we all sat down and went through my pics from Paris, and the ones I took the day before. They thought it was hilarious they could tell everyone they found their wedding photographer passed out in a taxi in Mexico.
You know those people who you just hit it off with immediately and there's no hesitation, real people, the kind you just feel comfortable with from the start. that's John and Steph, and I'm so glad I woke up with a hangover. I do not believe in mere coincidences, and know I created that with all the positive energy I was putting out the entire trip.

Long one aey. I cut out so much to spare all you poor ADD nintendo grown ups, myself included. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed E&Ts wedding, and the entire experience. The end.

A: slow shutter speed makes an ocean look like a lake
"is that your final answer?"
"final answer, yes, that's my final answer"
*dramatic music*


*dramatic music*
"time for dinner!"
-tv turned off
"Go to your room!"
"Dang it"
"............dang it..." -runs away-

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

for all you foot fetish people

i was requested to hand over some feet shots for the same here they are. don't know which they'll use. i really didn't realize how much i shoot feet. not sure why that is, sometimes you just shoot feet or kids...either one will always look good, well, feet don't always look good, but at least they don't fake smile. =) fake smile