Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which 6 would you keep?

Here's the pictures we've decided to enlarge for the wedding shows. We're doing 6 probably 2-3feet by 3-4 feet. So out of these 8, which 2 would you toss! it's such a hard decision!!!


  1. They are all soooo amazing! I guess if I had to choose I would toss 5 and 6.-Melissa

  2. I'd say number 4 could go. just because you already have other beach ones that are so beautiful and very strong photos. i don't know.... it's a really tough call. i'd keep 5 because it's the only bridal close-up you have selected, not to mention lovely. AND 7 and 8 are absolutely gorgeous, and set up perfectly don't cut those.

  3. I wanted to post so that you know that I looked at them... but after seeing your gorgeous photos I can't decide! I'm sorry )-: Great job, though! It's not a bad problem to have... too many awesome shots.

  4. Number 3 could go only because, while she is vertical, the ocean is pouring out of the left side of the photo and I get very distracted by that. Same deal with 5, but the lighting in that one is just TOO GOOD to toss. MUST KEEP the one of the guys 'cause it's such a good representation of the groom's part of the wedding (he is, after all, a part of the whole thing, right?) Number 6 is also a must keep because it's not only beautiful, it sells the IDEA and CONCEPT of a destination wedding. Essential. Oh, and Number 1 freakin' rocks.

    Just curious as a fellow photog...did you ever take another of number 1 with a fill-flash on them? Or a reflector?

  5. One more thing...I think in the interest of the viewing and non-smoking public, I'd be very tempted to photoshop out the cigarettes the guys are holding. Just a thought. You know. If you're going to pay to have these blown up and hung up at a wedding show. Where there will be many Mormons. ;P

  6. I think I would toss 1 and 4. They are all beautiful, but that is my pick. Good luck!

    P.S. Who cares what the Mormons think!

  7. LOL, come on, I'm not photoshopping out the cigs...LOL, i'd slap myself for that.
    so lot's of suggestions, we're scrapping the close up and the thinker. the close up was unanimous, i have no idea why.
    Michelle- i took a bunch at the tower. some with flash some not. I don't like flash really, it takes from the realness of how it was at the time. i think it's necessary sometimes. no reflector as I didn't have an assistant. anyway, i spot metered into the sky and had him pick her up and twirl her around. fired at the right time. it's just a matter of taste, i thought the umbrella, her hair, tower and clouds were most important.
    thanks for all the comments, I'll post pics from the wedding show!

  8. I was curious about the flash 'cause they push us pretty hard at school here to use 'em... wanted to know what you felt about it. Makes sense that you'd want to keep the lighting as accurate to how it really was. And no assistant? I thought Katie was there!

    As for Photoshopping out the cigs, sheesh, I was joking (mostly joking...smoking is kinda gross).

    And this would be the part where I hope like hell you're a non-smoker...

  9. Are you sick of me commenting yet? (don't answer that!)

    Please re-think tossing out the close-up. It's the only representation here you have of, well, a close-up. It's important for potential brides to know you're diverse, no? (and she's so pretty)

    Okay, I'm done.


  10. Katie was there, in Paris, getting proposed to and having songs sung to her in the streets, while I was shooting.
    They push you to use flash? why are they pushing you to do anything? it's important to know how if you wanna, but you take the pics as you see them. don't let them tell you how to express yourself.
    we're gonna do the close up in my 11x14 portfolio. it'll look nice. Really almost everyone voted her off the island. I agree with you, but it will look good smaller too.
    keep commenting, why else do i write stuff like this, if no one's gonna read it =)