Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A San Diego Wedding, Michelle & Michael 4/3/10

Ahhh San Diego. Well, we started out shooting on Friday at the Diamond Tower overlooking Petco Park for the rehearsal. Then back to the Presidential Suite at the Marriott Marina for a Poker/Wine evening. Michelle and Michael were so nice from the start. Michelle was really excited and ran over and gave us both a hug when she saw us, and the first thing Michael said was how much he loved our art and that we were his "Picasso". They knew how to butter us up I think. Saturday, we headed over to the Hotel around 12. Katie with the girls and me with the boys. Michael suggested a shoot with his airplane. I was more than a little excited for that. So we headed out there while Katie hung out and shot with the girls.
The wedding was beautiful, overlooking the city. The night before, I had some concerns about the bright sun with the timing of the wedding, you can see in the video on a previous post. But sure enough, right when the wedding started, I mean right when Michelle was walking down the isle the sun went behind a set of clouds. Which made for perfect lighting and a very dramatic sky. The reception was a blast. Lots of wine & dancing. I always enjoy meeting new people, but we met some of the coolest, most amazing people we've ever met. We hope to be in San Diego a lot more, photographing weddings, enjoying the weather!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get your dance on

In the plane

Can't remember the lyrics right now to on a boat but I got the music
stuck in my head. Driving back to the marriott. Love my job.

Start of the day

Heading out to some airport where the groom has his airplane. Gonna
take a few pics of the groomsmen & Michael with his plane.
This is the beginning, few butterflies but otherwise good to go.
SanDiego is beautiful. Perfect day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wedding View in San Diego

What a view! Over looks Petco Park from the Ultimate Skybox suite. Can't wait to shoot tomorrow.


Overlooking Petco Park for the ceremony. Amazing.


At the diamond tower.

Here we go!

Bride & grooms hotel on the water. They're in the Pres suite. Poker &
wine tonight pre wedding event. Should be a blast. We're off to shoot!!