Monday, August 30, 2010

A Lake of the Ozarks Wedding - Traci & Ben - Seven Springs Winery - August 6th, 2010

We were so excited to photograph Traci & Ben's wedding at 7 Springs Winery at the Lake. 7 Springs is one of the nicest, cleanest, most professional locations we've had the opportunity to photograph at. Jamie Beabout, their wedding coordinator, has been talking us up and we really appreciate all her help booking weddings at the Lake. During the reception they brought Katie & I food and beer while we were shooting and sounded delighted we were there taking photos of their winery. Awesome people. If we lived at the Lake, we'd be at 7 Springs as much as possible, relaxing, sipping on brilliant wine, beer & food more often.
Ben & Traci's wedding was the last of our 3 weddings in a row at the Lake this summer. We stayed out there for a month shooting weddings & trying to get caught up on business. We started by shooting boudoir on Thursday morning at Ben's families condo on the Lake. They're actually from Illinois, Ben has some 10,000 acre farm there or something huge, but Osage Beach is the place they come down to visit as much as possible; and they have for years. They seemed to know it better than I did, and that's where I grew up! Everyone who spends some time on the Lake, loves being there, it gets in your system and you crave going back every year when the weather starts to warm up a little. Not sure what it is, but if you've been there, lived there, you know.
Anywho, Katie headed out with the girls Saturday morning to get some hair, make-up and getting dressed shots. I went with the boys for getting ready shots and then out to the winery to get some photos done. One of the things I love about having both Katie and I shoot is when we go through the photos, you can see exactly what the boys and girls are doing on separate parts of town at the same time. Something about that, I just love. You'll get a shot of Ben putting on his cuff links and Traci putting on her dress and back to Ben laughing with his boys and the same with Traci and her girls. Dunno, there's something romantic about that I just love.
Ben was laid back and really easy to work with. I felt comfortable from the start with all the guys. Gave me a tip as soon as I got there too. Which, was very cool, some people just know how to butter up their photographers, haha. Although, as far as a tip, taking me out bar hopping with them until 1am or whenever that ended was equally awesome. We took the boys pics at 7springs right in the hottest part of the day. I turned on some Pearl Jam (Ben's fav), which helped a little, but really we were all just about sweating to death out there. The guys stuck it out though. I had a brilliant idea to get them in the woods, in the shade for a few minutes where I got bloody from a horsefly bite. Really, they're huge, and they fly around your head, make you cuss and then bite a hole in your arm. That part sucked, photos look good though.
Traci was beautiful & sweet. Also easy to work with and pose. You gotta love a gorgeous bride who is super easy to pose and is up for any ideas you might have. The wedding was short and simple, lovely and sweet. 7 Springs has a great spot for indoor weddings. And hats off to Ben and Traci for having it indoors. I love outdoor weddings of course, but we'd already shot 2 others at the Lake at 100 deg and 100% humidity. I think everyone was thankful for that. A fun reception with food, drinks and a little bit of dancing and then off to do some bar hoppin on the shuttle. The bridal party, me and more went to 3 different bars, did some Lake style drinking and dancing before I decided to call it a night. The last bar we went to had a live band from Memphis singing 'Sweet Home Alabama' and the like. Fun, fun night.
We had a great time with this couple and their family/friends from start to finish. They treated us like guests and we appreciate that so much. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

St. George UT - Aubrey's Senior Photos!

Do you remember when I guest taught a class at Desert Hills High School last year? Aubrey did. So we headed South towards Red Mountain & out to Kayenta. Her mom, as all mom's are, was an awesome assistant. Holding my flash and what not. Aubrey was a blast, lots of smiles & easy to work with. Back to school for her Senior year! One more year (ugh)!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Cowgirls" Photo Shoot in Santa Clara, Utah

So, Douglas Caputo, of the Space Between Theater Company, (THE most avant garde, soulful, and down to earth theater company in Southern Utah) asked me to photograph his cast for the upcoming musical production of "Cowgirls". He gave me complete creative license with everything from set up, to lighting, to the feeling and atmosphere of the shoot. Doug found the location, a big run-down shack right of the main road through Santa Clara, and the girls brought their own cowgirl gear, complete with the instruments they'll use in the show. Serious instruments -- we're not talking a guitar and tambourine -- no, they had a cello, violin, concertina, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and four guitars! (No piano, although it will be a key instrument in the show. I guess they couldn't get it in their car). Holy Cowbells!

The girls were awesome. They took direction like, well, actors -- easy as pie to get energy and expression from them. They all looked fantastic, especially the really cute one holding the concertina (otherwise known as Katie Hulett, my wife). The actors are: Mikalene Ipson as Jo, Dayci Patterson as Mary Lou, Katie Hulett as Rita, Aubrie Patterson as Lee, Morgan McCulloch as Mickey, and Brooklyn Bowers as Mo.

I have to plug their show here, because I know from personal experience how hard they've been working on the script and music -- my house is full of concertina (like an accordion), harmonica, and piano at all hours of the day and night. It's a great story with a lot of heart, not your typical musical. And maybe the coolest part about the whole thing, they're performing out in Kayenta, at the Cabaret Gardens -- a FANTASTIC venue, with tables and chairs for dinner theater. So go see it!

Here is a sampling of the photos we took. A special thanks Doug, for allowing me to be part of your process, and thanks girls, for being such great models!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Casa De Loco Wedding - Sarah & Clayton - July 24th, 2010

Clayton & Sarah were all smiles for their wedding. Sarah, one of the sweetest brides I've had the pleasure to be around, was bursting with smiles and hugs for everyone. A true sweetheart, beautiful and always ready for a good time. They have the cutest daughter who was a perfect little model for us.

The wedding started off in that thick Missouri heat, in the middle of the woods, at one of our favorite locations, Casa De Loco. Sarah and Clayton stuck it out with Katie and I as we worked on getting those creative photos set up in the 100 degrees 100% humitidy. Easy couple to work with, ready and positive about whatever ideas we threw at them. The wedding went off without a hitch, big group shot, wedding party and then...what everyone was ready for...the reception!

And this wasn't your ordinary reception, it was a serious party! A celebration! And we got to be a part of it. Man -- I love that. Sarah & Clayton made sure we had a good time along with everyone else. From sippin on moonshine (yep moonshine) in the back of the stretch hummer to partying ALL night at Bootleggers in Osage Beach. They weren't about to have their photographers go thirsty that's for sure, "drink up!" and if we didn't have a drink in our hands, well, they brought us one. I had a blast, I always love a good party.

You just have to love it when a bride and groom believe in you and treat you like a million bucks. Thanks for a great time! All the best,