Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Cowgirls" Photo Shoot in Santa Clara, Utah

So, Douglas Caputo, of the Space Between Theater Company, (THE most avant garde, soulful, and down to earth theater company in Southern Utah) asked me to photograph his cast for the upcoming musical production of "Cowgirls". He gave me complete creative license with everything from set up, to lighting, to the feeling and atmosphere of the shoot. Doug found the location, a big run-down shack right of the main road through Santa Clara, and the girls brought their own cowgirl gear, complete with the instruments they'll use in the show. Serious instruments -- we're not talking a guitar and tambourine -- no, they had a cello, violin, concertina, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, and four guitars! (No piano, although it will be a key instrument in the show. I guess they couldn't get it in their car). Holy Cowbells!

The girls were awesome. They took direction like, well, actors -- easy as pie to get energy and expression from them. They all looked fantastic, especially the really cute one holding the concertina (otherwise known as Katie Hulett, my wife). The actors are: Mikalene Ipson as Jo, Dayci Patterson as Mary Lou, Katie Hulett as Rita, Aubrie Patterson as Lee, Morgan McCulloch as Mickey, and Brooklyn Bowers as Mo.

I have to plug their show here, because I know from personal experience how hard they've been working on the script and music -- my house is full of concertina (like an accordion), harmonica, and piano at all hours of the day and night. It's a great story with a lot of heart, not your typical musical. And maybe the coolest part about the whole thing, they're performing out in Kayenta, at the Cabaret Gardens -- a FANTASTIC venue, with tables and chairs for dinner theater. So go see it!

Here is a sampling of the photos we took. A special thanks Doug, for allowing me to be part of your process, and thanks girls, for being such great models!



  1. Totally awesome. We'll have to make it down for this one. I think it's awesome that Katie is learning all of those instruments (or did she always know how to play the squeeze-box?)