Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two New Sexy Holiday Specials!

Book soon, we're sure to be sold out for these 2 events! Holiday photos good though Jan 1st and Boudoir will run until just after Valentine's day!

Gift Certificates Available

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


WOW, it's been about a month. Guess I've been busy.
True Emotion Photography Class 9 was a success. Sold out 2 weeks in! Had a great time in Kayenta. Greg at Xetava was wonderful to work with us. He set us up with our own table for 13. Had some BA shrimp with brie couple glasses of Cab. Conversation was great. Class started at noon with me sychronistically meeting a couple who were planning their reception in the Caberet Garden. "oh I'm a photographer, this is my class." haha. I thought that was probably the best lesson of the day.
Fundamentals to model shoot to dinner to post processing. What a day. Can honestly say I worked harder and prepared more for that class than any of the previous 8, and I enjoyed it the most. Thank you guys for coming out.
Here's a few pics. Went a little 1980s on them for some reason.
Special thanks to Melissa Darling of Photography by Melissa Darling. She was refreshing and indispensable to have there with me.
Pushing family & Boudoir photos now for the holidays. Better get back to it.