Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lisa & Patrick - Musee Rodin, Paris, France September 28th, 2009

Had a wonderful time in Paris at Lisa & Patrick's wedding at the Musee Rodin. It really is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Paris that I have seen. Katie & I spent a week out there, a much needed break for us.
Lisa & Patrick were wonderful to work with. A simple elegant wedding. We had a lot of fun with the two of them. And they were open to any ideas we had along with really giving us as much time as we needed to set each shot. Evan, their 8 month old daughter, was soo stinkin cute and made us miss our kids even more. She was all smiles for everything we needed her for. Those blue eyes really were that vibrant, I didn't add any extra color.
We began shooting at Hotel Bel Ami, getting ready shots, detail stuff. Then headed over to the Museum. Lisa in the Rolls, Patrick and us in the BMW Van. After the wedding we had about 30 min. at the museum, and then headed out to the 4 locations Katie and I found walking around Paris near the Louvre and areas near by. The last photo was my favorite. Katie found this little alley next to the St. Michelle fountain. The photo feels very dark dramatic. Little bit of motion with the dress and then the height of the buildings with the sky above.
Our day coming home was nuts. Metro, Train, Plane, Germany, Chicago, Vegas, Shuttle...26 hours! I was a bit jet lagged yesterday. I thought things would be a bit calmer when we returned, but it's still crazy here. Still moving, 3 weddings to get finished ASAP (not including this one), emails, etc etc. It's all good, just a lot. I definatly would be up for having an assistant, if anyone wants some experience in the chaos.
Better move on to more pressing things.