Saturday, November 22, 2008

2shoots 2shoots 1 baby and 3 different fast food restaurants

went to Mesquite this morning at 8am for a family picture shoot with the Gale Family. Sweet people, I received a standing ovation when I left. Think I'm just extra charming in the morning stoked on caffene. Then fly home to get Lux to Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. She's so freakin cute in that, does so well, she's usually really shy around people. Put her on stage in front of a few hundred people and it's just no problem.

Then 2nd family shoot with the Nielson's. It was their Father/Grandfather/Husband's 80th b-day. 48 people in all. I shot Amy's wedding a few years ago. I love her family. Stacy is still on my top 5 bride mama list. Trees were beautiful and it was the perfect time of day/time of year. The family was pleasant and happy to be there. Great shoot. Thanks Dayci for being my assistant today!

Then home to get Lux to Joseph again for her 2nd show of the day. Busy 4 year old. And now I'm watching Football except the 2 games I wanted to see, are both busts. what? I'm exhausted.

oh and I ate McD for breakfast, Pollo Loco for lunch, and nothing/pizza for dinner. Really disappointed about that!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chelsea & Ben

So I'm gonna finally post pics here. Yep real pics not just pics from my iphone. Which by the way is no more. I broke the glass at my Tampa wedding and it's been working fine except that it's kinda dumb looking. So I ordered new glass from Hong Kong and was all excited when it actually arrived and proceeded to follow instructions on youtube for do it yourself. Well apparently I'm not the technical wizard i believed I was, because I never got to the glass part as my phone was in 4 pieces by that stage instead of 2. long story short, i was in disbelief, i was sad, i was mad, and now i'm over it. honestly it's been nice not being addicted to looking at my phone every 10 minutes for an email or facebook, myspace, new app, twitter, todo list, grocery list, saisuke,.....tear

anyways, the couple Chelsea and Ben. What can I say. I really enjoyed these guys. They were just on it from start to finish. I tried a few times to give them some direction with taking a more dramatic picture or something more serious and it just wasn't them. From that point on I just shut up pretty much and let them take me on a ride. I was laughing for most of the shoot. And the two of them are just so great together. People you just enjoy being with. I can not wait for their wedding in Alta next year, I think it's gonna be a blast.
Let me know what you think of the pics. I'm gonna put a few up on my website tomorrow. Cheers!

oh and visit their website, it's pretty cute.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Majority of my day was sending these pictures to their parents from Halloween. I sent out probably 60, the others will go out by snail. yes actually by snail, it's very slow. (if you say it with the same accent as the butler from Mr. Deeds it's pretty funny (it's very slow))

Katie did a great job with the design and putting it all together. Yea Jorda Design.

I was wondering if anyone would dress up their kid like the joker. Great costume, but you know that kid wanted to be an m&m or something, i mean I doubt he saw the movie. OH, and I want to find out who the cowbell guy is so i can email him his picture...if you have any leads please contact mall security.

Let's see-I have a couple shoots coming up this week. One will be a family christmas card shoot, which will be very cool with all these clouds and the other is for a guy who contacted me about doing a modeling shoot. He wants the David Beckham weight room look from Men's Health. Google that guy's good lookin. I'm stoked to try to recreate something along those same lines. It's very dark, dirty, rusty, contrasty, limey excited. We're gonna shoot in an old church in the gym, hopefully it will be old and moldy in there. i'll post afterwords....

i'm diggin this weather, but it makes me a little slower, i want to just sit and read or play xbox. so the transition from that to sitting and sending emails, making calls, paying bills, and writing my blog is slow, not slow like a snail, but slow like molasses, you understand....

played drums yesterday!!!! that's 3 times in 3 months....yikes, but i'm defiantly gonna up that. if you're reading this Josh, send me some stuff please, i know you want to play as bad as I do....

On beginning of week 3 of the fight club workout. doesn't make me want to fight, but I feel good!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's official, the 6th class of TEP is scheduled. Call your moms, call your uncles, call the spectrum, here we go.

November 15th, 2-8 pm.
Dinner Provided
$150 or $125 with a friend

RSVP by paypal on my website under the contact link. Limit 10.


Now for more coffee and more work!...........see ya

Oh yeah! I almost forgot.... YEA OBAMA! His speech was moving. I think politicians are full of it for the most part, but he comes across as honest, intelligent and focused. I've never seen all 3 in a politician on any level.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A month

BUSY...I've, we've been busy. KHP did the Washington City Halloween trunk or treat over the weekend. We had planned on a family stopping by, chatting, taking their picture, and burning them a disc. We were a little under prepared when there was a line forming and Katie was at the laptop trying to take my pics, put them on a template and burn discs for everyone, one after another. No as some of you know...we changed the plan to emailing these pics out, which we should be getting to in the next couple days. Not sure why we didn't do that in the first place. We've got 60 or so families to send pictures to. OH so if you weren't there, parents brought their kids by, I took a pic of them in their costume, and Katie burned them a disc with the pic. All free of course, with the idea of booking November and Dec. with Holiday Photos and making contacts. We were a hit I felt, got lots of compliments on the family photos I had enlarged courtsey of Print It, who did an amazing job. really if you have anything to print, go there, best printer I've used and believe me I've used a few and been un too happy. Thanks Nathan...

I'm putting together TEP VI class... So far I've got 9 students interested, but remains to be seen how many book, 5 are for sure. 10 is a good number, we'll shoot for that. I'm thinking right now it's gonna be on the 8th, but may wait until the 15th. I try to do the thing where you email everyone and say what day would you like? and you...and you.. and you... which is a really bad idea because everyone can't all be available on the same let's make a decision....hmmmm can't decide right now.

Oh yes and we had Derek and Dayci's B-Day dinner on...Saturday nite...started cooking and cleaning and whatever at about 12 and that went until they got here at 7. Mostly I was cleaning and doing the dishes, moving furniture, etc. while Katie did all the creative cooking work...I just don't have it in me to just throw stuff in a pot and have it come out delicious...I'm a follow the directions cook, and if I don't have a 8 1/2'' pan I'm screwed. Fun party though, everyone showed up and had a great time. Topped it all off with UHF, which I actually remember being funnier than it was.

Started booking weddings for next year. So far I have interest in Cancun and Colorado Springs, with a couple booked here at home and one up on Alta. I'm excited! What's better than traveling the world doing something you love?! I would like to shoot a wedding in Iceland next year...

That's it. =)