Monday, November 10, 2008

Majority of my day was sending these pictures to their parents from Halloween. I sent out probably 60, the others will go out by snail. yes actually by snail, it's very slow. (if you say it with the same accent as the butler from Mr. Deeds it's pretty funny (it's very slow))

Katie did a great job with the design and putting it all together. Yea Jorda Design.

I was wondering if anyone would dress up their kid like the joker. Great costume, but you know that kid wanted to be an m&m or something, i mean I doubt he saw the movie. OH, and I want to find out who the cowbell guy is so i can email him his picture...if you have any leads please contact mall security.

Let's see-I have a couple shoots coming up this week. One will be a family christmas card shoot, which will be very cool with all these clouds and the other is for a guy who contacted me about doing a modeling shoot. He wants the David Beckham weight room look from Men's Health. Google that guy's good lookin. I'm stoked to try to recreate something along those same lines. It's very dark, dirty, rusty, contrasty, limey excited. We're gonna shoot in an old church in the gym, hopefully it will be old and moldy in there. i'll post afterwords....

i'm diggin this weather, but it makes me a little slower, i want to just sit and read or play xbox. so the transition from that to sitting and sending emails, making calls, paying bills, and writing my blog is slow, not slow like a snail, but slow like molasses, you understand....

played drums yesterday!!!! that's 3 times in 3 months....yikes, but i'm defiantly gonna up that. if you're reading this Josh, send me some stuff please, i know you want to play as bad as I do....

On beginning of week 3 of the fight club workout. doesn't make me want to fight, but I feel good!


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  1. Baby, you look good. If anyone sees Brad Pitt walking around St. George, hands off. He's mine.