Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kevin's Favorite Wedding Photos from 2010

I started out with one favorite photo from each wedding we shot this year, and that just felt a bit too much, so I narrowed it down from there. So if your wedding was left out, I am sorry, and I still love you! I just wanted a collection that was more concise. Also, I want to say that these are not, in my opinion, necessarily the best photos from each wedding, just my favorite. We're still going to do a BEST OF 2010. These photos, I believe really give you an idea of what each of these weddings felt like. They bring a huge smile to my face, followed by warm fuzzy avatar style butterflies each time I look at them.

It was extremely difficult to narrow these down, since I had many favorites from each wedding. But here they are... my (Kevin's) favorite 12 photos from 12 different weddings from 2010.

My hope is that you will read what I wrote and then click on each photo and take your time looking at it. It would mean a lot to me if you did. Thanks!

Paris, FR- Helen & Gene - Jan. 23rd - The Ritz in Paris.... This trip was unreal on so many levels. I took this photo right after having 2 double espressos brought to me by the waiter, after almost 24hours of no sleep. It woke me up, then I felt sick, then drank more espresso, then wore a beret, then...well, it's a long story.

San Diego -Michael and Michelle-April 3rd- I just love these guys. They heard about us in Fiji. We were kind of in a rush to get this photo. The wind was wipping along the left side of that wall, which is why all the girls are on the right. So once I had everyone in place, I asked this little flower girl to walk towards me until she was in just the right spot.

Destin, FL- Megan, my beautiful sister, & Todd -April 24th. What makes this pic extra cool is my dad in the background hiding behind Meg holding the flash. She has this blown up real big as a metallic print in her entry way. Might be my favorite photo of the year.

Destin, FL-Jenna & Edward-May 23rd. I love this couple. This wedding was so easy and fun. Edward, the 2 days I was there, never stopped looking at Jenna like she's the most beautiful woman in the world, the love of his life. This photo just feels like their wedding to me, his eyes say it all.

Tulum, MX - Shanna & Chris- May 28th. I loved the colors here and we snapped a few and were about to move on when one of the hotel workers walked by with these freshly cut palm leaves. So in my best Spanish I asked to borrow a them. I do have to give an acknowledgement to Jose Villa for inspiration for this photo. Totally his style. In my eyes it's ok to look to other artists for inspiration, but when you do, give them their credit.

Seattle, WA -Laura & Sam -June 19th. Shot this on the campus of the University of Washington on the way to their church. It rained all morning, we almost didn't even stop, but about 5 minutes from campus, it cleared, just enough. There was a slight wind present and kept Laura's vail in the air just long enough to capture these photos. What you can't see is her bridesmaid running out of the photo just after dropping it.

Springdale, UT - Jen & Seth -June 26th. I got to shoot Jen's boudoir photos, but Katie shot this wedding alone while I was in Missouri. I love Jen and Seth and wish I could have been there, their wedding was beautiful and Katie did an amazing job.

Casa De Loco, MO- Erika & Tyler - July 17th. I love props, and I love groomsmen who are willing to do some cool stuff. Nothing says cool like wine, shades & swords.

Seven Springs Winery, MO -Ben & Traci-August 6th. The most difficult thing about getting shots like this is the limited time you have in between the ceremony and reception to set everyone up in a good location, get the lighting right, etc. Family is standing around wondering what the hell you're doing, the bridal party is wanting to get their drink on. And you are just taking your time trying to get things to feel right. Which is also why I love these shots. Lots of pressure. Just like in the real Sopranos.

Seven Springs Winery, MO - Nikki & Chris -Oct. 2nd. Katie took this. She does such an amazing job of making a bride look gorgeous on her wedding day. Simply a beautiful shot.

Silverstone, Las Vegas - Natalie & Brad - Oct. 2nd. While Katie was in MO, I was in Vegas photographing this beautiful couple. Her smile says it all.

Porta Cima, MO - Christie & Dan - 10/10/10. Another Katie photo. Just love how simple yet elegant this photo is. The folds in the dress, her shoes, the grass. Perfect.

Thanks for reading and enjoying our photos. Here's to an amazing year!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love for my Sister

Because it is the holiday season, and I'm feeling the love of family, I want to post some recent photos of a simply glorious woman... my baby sister Heidi. Beautiful inside and out, Heidi has been a love of my life for as long as I can remember. We have built forts together, sewed barbie beds together, moved rooms of furniture together, watched the sun rise together.

I supported the right side of her body against mine while she gave birth to her son. She supported me through the loss of our father. We supported one another with laughter, tears, and song when Grandpa died.

She has blue eyes and her birthstones are moonstones and pearls. She likes toast with avocado and is a brilliant mathematician. Her Scottish accent is flawless and when she quotes Vincini from the Princess Bride you think he's in the room.

Once, when I was going through a particularly low time, she painted me a card with stars, hills, and moonshine. It only said four words, "I believe in you."

To me she is a model of grace, beauty, and mystery--intelligence and love. She is my wing man.

I took these pictures of Heidi and her daughter in my kitchen, with rainy light coming from the window.

This is my sister:

Merry Christmas Shashi



Monday, December 6, 2010

St. George, UT Family Photographer

Loved this shoot, just wanted to post this one. Love love love creative ideas, I love creating.

Details so far are: 6k sqft home in Zion. Snow. End of February. 7 bedrooms, sleeps 22. 2 full days of classes. Meals and Accommodations included. Give aways from our sponsors. I can't wait!

In unrelated news, my Destin bride's mom hung a stocking over her fireplace for me & then sent me a photo. I'm blown away! Guess they liked their photos!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Missouri Wedding - Scott & Sara - Jefferson City, 10/23/10

This is the last wedding in Missouri for this year. Katie and I shot 8 I believe. Which is great, got to see the fam quite a bit. I do think that the best time of year to have a wedding in Missouri is in October though. It's cooler, the trees are turning colors & of course Missouri is playing football. This day in particular, the Tigers were playing #1 Oklahoma for their homecoming game. It was a pretty big deal in Missouri. BUT, an even bigger deal, was Sara & Scott's wedding. Of course!

The forcast was rain, all week it said rain, even an 80% chance. And with all the luck I have with rain, I thought, ya know, this might just be the one. BUT, I was positive. We started out with Sara and her girls getting ready at the Truman hotel.

See, Sara & Scott first, Mizzou second.
Sara & Scott's new baby Ethan was pretty stinkin cute. He hogged a lot of the attention.

This is one of the more memorable moments for me, from well, any wedding. I had never seen the groom & groomsmen eating pizza and drinking bud light out of the back of a truck prior to the wedding. It was priceless. I took at least 20 photos of this hoping one would show the pure Missouri awesomeness of this. And I think this one did.

The ceremony was held at the Memorial Baptist Church nearby. We talked about the different lighting options. Keeping on the house lights or turning them off basically. They decided with off and I think it was the right decision, the photos turned out pretty cool & dramatic. Rather than just a perfectly lit room.
These were taken at the Governer's Garden. OH and I almost forgot, 80% chance of rain?? Doesn't matter when I'm shooting the wedding. No rain until we decided to pack up. And I have witnesses. Also, I didn't tell Scott to put his leg up for this photo. Haha I love it!
Also doubles for a sweet pic if Scott decides to go into politics.

"So you want us to jump?" And they did! Trust your photographer, he's not crazy!! Maybe a little.
The lilly pads make this shot I think . Turned out great!

I had never seen this before. I love original ideas. These were Sara's grandparents photos tied to her bouquet. Loved it. The reception was back at the Truman hotel. Let the drinking and dancing begin!

The reception was a lot of fun. Lots of dancing and grabbing of butts.

I had to post this. Who plays the air sax? Really? Dude was gettin down!
And like I said, the Mizzou game came last. I hope this photo doesn't get Scott in trouble! It was too priceless to not post!

I had a blast with these guys. Sara & Scott were both just amazing to work with. A super sweet couple. Thank you guys!

I also want to give a shout out the Emily who assisted me for the day. This is her 2nd wedding with me. She did one with Katie too, but I know she likes working with me more, sorry Kate!!

In Vegas this weekend. Spent all day at a coffee shop working on photography. Last night I went to see A Perfect Circle. And they go on again tonight in 3 hours! See ya!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Senior Portrait Photographer - St. George, UT - Dillon!

More senior portraits. These were shot over in the Ivins area in the lava rocks and at the Snow Canyon Football field last Friday. Dillon was super easy to work with and was a natural in front of the camera.

It's senior photos time, if you have a senior in need of some stellar photos check here for our latest offer.

ALSO BLOG CONTEST Currently going on!

Whoever can get the most followers to our blog by November 20th, 2010 gets a free 16"x24" Metallic Print worth $100. Here's the instructions....

1) Sign up to follow this blog

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Pretty easy and awesome.

Friday, November 12, 2010

St. George UT - Senior Photos - Elena!

It's Senior picture time! These were taken of Elena from Snow Canyon HS out by the bridge in Santa Clara then across the road by that old crumbling white building. Turned out pretty nice I think. Another session tonight out in the Lava rocks, which should be pretty cool. Thanks to Andrew Gawdun again for assisting me! Back to work...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Las Vegas Wedding - Michael & Paola - October 9th, 2010

Another amazing Vegas wedding! First I want to give a shout out to a good friend and talented photographer Andrew Gawdun who came down to Vegas to assist me for this wedding. We headed down on a friday afternoon, to take some prewedding party photos that night where I got to meet most of the family. Many who flew in from Puerto Rico to share in the festivities. And they were an amazing family, lots of fun. I knew the wedding was going to be pretty exciting when all the ladies started chanting, "Keybin Keybin Keybin! (with spanish accent)"

The shooting Saturday at Silverstone Golf Club started around noon, with the girls getting ready. The second wedding in a week there. Tonya the event planner again took great care of us and organized a brilliant wedding. From there I took a few pics of Michael and his best man, the dads & then time for Paola and her girls. They were a lot of fun and easy to work with. Up for whatever I had in mind.

This is right after they saw each other for the first time. Mike's still got a huge smile on!

What's better than a cute kid who lets you pose them for photos?

The wedding started pretty quick after that and was held just as the sun was falling over the mountains in this beautiful desert location. The sky lit up all purple, red and blue. Just amazing.

The moms were so fun and so excited after the wedding!! I love this shot, I think I got a couple hugs like this from them too!

I have a lot of favorite parts from this reception but definatly one that sticks out is when they suprised everyone with the belly dancer. She took this little girl out on the dance floor, which made for some pretty cute pics.
I love getting kids on the dance floor with their feet off the ground.
Paola's dad could dance! Actually everyone could dance which isn't always the case with wedding parties. Those Puerto Rican's have some sweet dance moves I'm telling you. I was pretty impressed. So fun to watch. The dance floor stayed packed until the night was over.

Loved the tennis shoes. Paola could break it down too.

Another amazing couple!!! I'm so thankful for what I get to do. I get to capture and celebrate these amazing experiences all over the world. And my favorite part, is the people I get to know, the couple and their families. I love it. Thank you guys, I had a blast!!

One more wedding to post this week, then it's senior picture time! I'm working to get another class going TEP 11. Beginning of December? Most likely. Also, we're working hard on Albums for this summer's weddings & getting the website updated! Staying pretty busy!!! Also booking weddings for next summer/fall. A lot at the Lake again in Missouri. Awesome!

Gotta run!