Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

So my last post was in the middle of December. I can't be the only person that slacks around the holidays, right? (or just in general) so i'm just not gonna feel bad about my...non...doing stuff and watching football instead. We went to Springdale for NYE and to the party at the Spotted Dog. I dont' think I've been to a shoulder to shoulder party in years. We had a great time and now I'm trying, trying to get myself back into the swing of work. We've got wedding shows coming up, which are always pretty crazy as far as preparation goes. $$$$, that too. Have a list of tick tacky things to do, people to contact, emails to write, etc. But I do have the thought of going back through all my old weddings and picking out 5-10 favorite photos that i've forgotten about and posting them here. I got the idea cause Nicole, the magazine lady (that's about all I know of her, except she seems nice and has great taste in my pictures), called me with a list of 12 photos (these) from my website that she really liked to use in her magazine that's coming out. So I had to sift through my ext. drive and find the original full size versions. Anyways, I went through a bunch of stuff I havn't looked at in years. I say this not being cocky, I've got some great stuff in there, photos from weddings I'm really proud of. I think when you put your heart into something and then put it away for a while, when you retrieve it, it just hits you, and you can really see and feel what you were going for. When I shot the Paris wedding, we looked at the pics at the hotel right after I finished shooting all day. My energy was down, I was exhausted, I hated them. I really thought I did a horrible job and I never wanted to look at them again! I couldn't see them, all I saw was bad lighting and ugly colors. I look through them now and think, wow I really did a great job. This isn't new, I've recognized and delt with this phenomenon for some time now, but I still think it's pretty amazing and really interesting. If you have any comments on this, I'd love to hear it.
So new years resolutions...
Read when I want to read.
Stretch every morning.
Finish Artist's way.
Start K2 school.
Take Karate (or something similar).
Be Patient.


  1. There's a photographer named Susan Sabo based out of California and I visit her blog every once in a while. Her mandate is that she always waits 3 or more days (the more the better) before she looks at the pics she's shot. She feels it gives her more (pardon the pun) perspective that way. You know, she can view them from a place of objectivity instead of emotion. Something to think about.

    Good resolutions. :)

  2. nice, i'm gonna look her up. you have to wait, sometimes i'll wait 2 weeks before I even open the file. but it's nice cause it's like, wow, I took that?! when you take 500 pictures at a wedding, you can't 'see' all the little shots that if you'd looked at immediately, you'd have thrown away.
    can't wait till you guys come out, i'm gonna be super professional while your here, hehe.