Friday, January 30, 2009

El show del wedding un para noche. Grande!

So, the wedding show was a success. I spoke to a lot of brides, moms and a few grooms. There were so many photographers there (15) that you would think there would be all this competition and you’d be lucky to get one or two weddings. However, the thing that I like so much is that I know I’m going to book the brides I want to shoot. Each photographer has their own style, sure it overlaps, but for the most part a bride will have it narrowed down to 3 or so right off the bat. And the brides that want all the posey pictures will get the posey photographers, those that want the cutie bubble gum photography will get that and those that want the art photographers will get them. I’m not docking any other photographers, I’m actually saying it’s pretty cool that we all have our little corners of the market here and it doesn’t feel like this ridiculous competition. No one is out to get anyone as far as competition goes and there’s plenty to go around. I just had this wonderful heartwarming feeling come over me while we were there, that I really hope we all (the photographers) book equal weddings by number. I like that way more than, “what can I do to take over this market (drool and seeth coming from my breath).”
I definatly felt like my photography this year has jumped a level and I’m at a point I feel really confident in. This is due in large part to all the amazing weddings I shot last year, location wise and also energy wise. I had some of my favorite brides I’ve ever had last year. Brides that said, “We trust your eye, we just want some amazing pictures.” And that just frees me up to explore and create based on what I see and not worry about doing what mommy and daddy want.
Also I want to thank Heidi for helping us. It was really nice to have her there. I’m very grateful and a little blown away she wanted to be there saying nice things about me all day. Also we could not have gotten everything done on time without Brad & Kendall Glouser, Mark & Lisa Petersen, Robin Whitmer, Aubrie, Dayci, Sarai, Elise, Ashlea, Derek, Kyle, Aunt Donna, Seth, Nathan from Print-It, Elise (Kaylie's sister) & Nicole (magazine editor).
Wedding shows are nuts…I’m glad it’s over!
*note, I’m not sure if seeth is a word, but I like it so much in that context that I’m declaring as so. I suppose I could look it up, but I like it better this way. FIN


  1. The town I'm taking my schooling in has 4 very distinct photogs: one guy is known for doing portraits, there's a woman that does weddings, one guy is all about hand-printed b&w fine art, and the other guy does everything else. Can you imagine being in a market so limited? Yeesh.

    I'm looking forward to finding my niche. So far, I've been very careful not to pigeon hole myself into one particular genre or style.

    What made you gravitate toward doing so much wedding work? Do you enjoy other types of photography? If so, what really appeals to you? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Oh, and may I say, I envy your confidence in your work. I hope I get to be in that place someday! :)

  2. I ::heart:: you. Plus, I ::heart:: Kevin Hulett Photography.

  3. Michelle-
    Weddings can be amazing. Just weddings themselves are not necessarily my favorite subject to shoot. But I take what I do love to shoot and combine it with what I come to love about the bride, groom and family and do my best to create something unique that makes their wedding complete. That's not generic, that's how i really feel. I really love shooting people. I'm not sure I've reached the place yet that I'm like, "this is it! this is exactly what I'm here to shoot!" but I know I love capturing that feeling or emotion in a person that no one else sees. OR that a mom will come up to me later and say, "no one has ever been able to capture my little sally like that, you captured HER." I'm going to start really exploring more with photography this year as far as shooting people creativly. check I love what he does.

    Taira- =)

  4. Nice post. You are a very creative writer and a very sexy person.