Friday, September 26, 2008

Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Taira

Had a great breakfast/lunch with my good friend Taira this morning. Hadn't seen her since she flew out to drive up and see Bjork with me in San Fran 4 years ago. Had a lot of fun catching up. Ate at a cool little bistro on the bay. I had been thinking I want to eat at a really nice, inexpensive place on the water, with some delicious healthy food. And after thinking of it and picturing the place, I swear we ate at the exact place I was picturing. Our table was right above the water, I had a portabello mushroom salad, perfect weather. I'm really being reminded of the power of attraction and thought, as I'm manifesting all these wonderful things in my life. I'm right across the street from Progress Energy Park, it's a minor league baseball field. Literally across the street, it's right there, see, right...i'm pointing...anyway i was thinking how cool it would be to take some pictures there, since the groom is a big baseball fan. On the way back from breakfast I told Taira I would just walk back to the hotel, I just felt like I needed to. I happened to take the right turn down the right street and ran into one of the managers of the ball field (he was wearing a ball shirt and looked important). He said,"sure! just come by tomorrow anytime and well let you on the field." hahahahahaha how freakin cool is that.
So I'm so thankful to be here, loving this place, the weather, missing my family, but knowing also that they are glad i'm here, and using this opportunity to it's fullest and just being open to whatever may come.

Reaching out to embrace the random.
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come.-maynard


  1. Awesome. You sound so inspired over there! I'm so glad. And how COOL about the ball field! Wow! That will make for some amazing pics - maybe the "engagement" ones we talked about or something? So glad you're enjoying yourself. Just did 2 and 2 for the girls and now they're falling asleep - we all miss you. xoxo

  2. I'm so happy you came to St.Pete! I can't wait for you and Katie to impulsively pack up and move here (-: