Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So anyways...

So I keep thinking that I am actually going to turn this into a photography blog instead of just random stuff kevin is thinking blog. But you gotta know that stuff takes time and i am struggling for time at the moment. anyone else have 2 kids...anyone? it's great, i love it, i love them to death, i am doing my best to fit meaningful blogging into the middle somewhere...
...i had my birthday yesterday, 28 wow, that's not that old is it...i don't feel like it is, it actually feels better than 27 for some reason, perhaps cause 2 and 7 equal nine and 2 and 8 equal awesome...not for sure though. that's what i just keep hearing. katie took me out and said ok what do you want to do, kids are taken care of, we can go do whatever you want.......uhhh...i couldn't think of anything...i was stumped, so we went to players and watched football, and were home by 8. HAHA i didn't want to be a downer on my Bday, but just what am I to do with that conundrum. mmmmm....well it turned out to be an amazing evening...and i'll leave it at that.
ok so the pictures you see here (exibit a, b and sometimes y) are from the art book for Michelle and Josh's wedding. I think it turned out pretty nice...let me know what you think....i'm going to leave it there, I'm finished tonight, i feel kinda beat, will write more tomorrow....promise.

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  1. Not even close to old, my friend. Happy belated birthday!