Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Landon & Kailyn

International Wedding Photographers - K Hulett Photography -

Katie and I have been fortunate enough to photograph these 2 for the past....5 years? And as a side note their parents were one of my first 3 weddings! We had a blast out in Kayenta goofin' off.

Just got back from WPPI last week. We are pretty inspired and are re-tooling our biz a lot. Stoked to start pushing it a bit more. Lots of ideas floating around. We'll be touching on those probably starting tomorrow.

New Beginning Class &&& Advanced Class! TEP X !Whoo!
Haiti Benefit
New Studio
etc etc etc

AND we got our first sponsor today!!! I'll post the details in the next couple days!


it's not spelled wrong it's Spanish (Chile) [informal] =)

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