Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conner & Joe - Casa De Loco, Lake of the Ozarks May 9, 2009

Got back on Thursday and finally finally got the chance to go through my photos. I left my laptop in my bag along with other stuff, like tax papers, in my office. Didn't notice till we were in Vegas last Wednesday. Anyways, no laptop, no preview of wedding photos. So I was excited to see these after a week (which actually is about how long I wait anyways). We also shot some boudoir the night before which look amazing, but of course, i'll be getting Conner's permission before I post any.

These photos are just a few, chosen quickly, fixed up quickly, so that I can post them here and facebook. I like the way they turned out, but will be spending more time on them in the future. Especially the photo of the guys and the head chopping. I like the way it turned out, but i'm not completely satisfied yet. That was one of the first ideas I had coming to Casa. Wood pile, shovel, fire pit, who wouldn't think of that picture. My favorite, though, of this batch is the one of the little girl out front, and the party behind acting casual. I added the one of myself before it directing.

It stormed and rained all week and the morning before. I texted Conner friday morning before the rehearsal, asking her if it was still on because of the tornado warnings. But once Saturday came around, the sun came out, and it was perfect weather for a wedding.

What can I say about this wedding...funniest reception I've shot. The wedding was so well put together, beautiful, simple, clean, classic, stylish. I didn't even realize it while I was there, but there were no flowers. Just thousands of candles. ! Loved that touch, loved it. I think people spend WAY too much on flowers among other things. The DJ was hands down the best. Kept the party going all night.

I got there at 1030am to start shooting Conner getting ready on Saturday. That pretty much didn't stop till 1230am. So full day. But I was with wonderful people who believed in me and appreciated what I was trying to create. Full creative license. Doesn't get much better than that.

I gotta give a shout to Derek Thomas who came down from KC to help me carry my stuff (that's him and my wife flexing their guns). To be honest I wasn't sure how much I would use a 2nd assistant (besides Katie) but he quickly became indispensable, and I commented a few times that I dont' know how I ever shot a wedding without 2 assistants. Derek was a ton of help, his energy was great and he was on top of everything I asked him to do. A big thank you. Also thanks to Katie who, as always, did a great job, helping with everything, from making Conner's dress look perfect to holding my lights, to putting up with me being bossy and demanding. Thanks Kates!

That's it for now. I have bridals tonight. Chao

oh- yes Casa de Loco means what you think. But they actually used that place as an insane asylum before the winery went in. Or so I'm told.


  1. these are awesome. so you directed them were to stand and to act "normal" in the one with the little girl in the middle? very nice!

  2. They look awesome Kev - totally kick ass. You need to ask Conner for email addresses from her sister-in-laws, and Joe's friends so they can keep up with your blog. Has Conner seen these yet? She's gonna DIE.

  3. Kevin you are amazing! I loved you and Katie and just knew your pics would be wonderful! I cannot wait to see them all! I emailed your blog link to Joe and Conner so I am sure you will hear from them soon! You have a gift and are so super talented!

  4. yeah, i kept having the little girl get closer...and closer...and closer to the camera. It's pretty haunting i think, cause your eye seems to go around the picture to the couples first and then to the little girl last, who's just staring right through the camera.
    Thanks Andrea and Katie, yeah, I'm excited to see the rest too... =) beautiful wedding, beautiful people, beautiful backdrop, it was pretty easy!