Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Packaging! Same great flavor!

New Year, New Logo & Name. We are changing the biz name to K Hulett Photography. Katie and I both contribute equally to this business and we felt like this way Katie could start getting the recognition she deserves. Katie has been actively shooting, designed the entire website and does a lot of the post processing work. Along with the business side and everything else; this is a team effort and I couldn't do it alone, that's for sure. Check out the website as well, we've made a bunch of changes. Starting with the homepage. Which if you read the fine print states some of our goals. So whoever you are, out there in a boat off the tip of Africa checking out our blog. We will photograph your wedding, on a boat, in the water, in Africa...are you a pirate? We do pirate weddings.


  1. YES! you do Pirate weddings?? awesome! seriously though, if you guys ever manage to actually book a pirate wedding I want and invite to tag along. I'll haul equipment or whatever, but I would seriously PAY to see that! :)