Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Springdale, Utah Wedding: Jen & Seth

I was so excited for the opportunity to shoot this wedding, not only because Jen and Seth are an incredible couple with a lot of heart, but also because Springdale is one of the most beautiful photography spots in Southern Utah. Kev and I had the chance to do some pre-wedding photography for this couple, months before the actual ceremony, and I already knew how great they were to work with. From San Diego, Jen and Seth love Southern Utah and wanted the beauty of Zion National Park to be the backdrop for their destination wedding (which, I'm sure, all of us locals agree is a fabulous choice).

Going into this one, I was pretty nervous. I always get the willies the night before (I know, poor me, it's not like I'm the one getting married the next day or anything) and I wanted to do fantastic work for these guys, not to mention, honor their relationship and love for one another. I didn't sleep much the night before, woke up WAAAAAAAAAY before it was necessary, and probably changed my outfit twenty zillion times. Thank God for Heidi, my sister and shoulder to lean on, for her support and assistance throughout the day. I appreciate her unfailing spirit of awesomeness and love, so much. Thank you Heidi!

It was a perfectly clear day in the canyon, warm, but not sweltering, a blue sky with scattered clouds and the slightest of breezes. Jen looked beautiful in her wedding gown, a lovely and simple strapless dress, tasteful and classic. Her jewelry was perfect: elegant mother of pearl and silver earrings and necklace reminiscent of both Springdale and the ocean. She had a wildflower bouquet which matched the natural beauty of the canyon and the handmade wooden arbor that Seth and his father made for the occasion. Stunning.

After their guitar-serenaded, tearjerker ceremony, Heidi and I went up to the labyrinth above the Spotted Dog Restaurant for some creative shots of Jen and Seth. They asked me if we could go there, for the unparalleled view of Zion's peaks surrounding the area. It is a breathtaking location and I was excited to be up there with this couple. We finished up at the entrance to Zion National Park, next to the sign, for some shots they didn't want to miss. Seth wanted one of him carrying Jen in his arms, which, (I don't know about you guys) always makes me sigh those happy, dreamy sighs :)

The reception was perfect: tasteful, earthy, simple and elegant, just like this couple. Wildflowers were in abundance, along with wheat grass-filled baskets and local beers for the wedding guests. There were some adorable children and very kind friends of the bride and groom, who all came from California to be with them. Overall, I would say that this one was an enormous success for a couple who loves each other very much.

Jen and Seth, I hope you're having a fantastic honeymoon! Congratulations again, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me the opportunity of photographing your wedding. Thanks guys!

Peace and Love,



  1. KATIE! These are gorgeous! You are seriously amazing you know that? I just love you, and i'm sorry to have added stress to your day by announcing my (not happening)move the night before. These turned out so pretty!

  2. You did such an amazing job capturing the love and spirit of Seth & Jen! Not only is your photography stunning, but your presence at the wedding & reception was so graceful and professional - yet so friendly & comfortable as well. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Seth & my daughter Kelsie - so precious (she was so excited to be a part of Uncle Seth's & Jen's wedding!) Thank you for recording that perfect day in such a perfect way, you are incredibly talented!
    Beth Fagan - Seth's sister

  3. These photos are incredibly beautiful. Where in Springdale was this?