Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Katie's Favorite Photographs from 2010

Okay, just to repeat what Kevin said about this post: These are my favorites, not necessarily what I think is our best work of the year. Some of these, you just had to be there. Some of these I actually wasn't there for, but after looking through hundreds of photos you begin to develop feelings for people you haven't ever met, like couples Kevin shot this year that I fell in love with. So, these are my favorites from 2010.

They are not posted in order of favorites, but at the very bottom, I've posted my ultimate favorite photograph of the year.



Chris & Shanna: Tulum, Mexico -- Photographed by Kevin. Shanna's short dress and bare feet accentuate the color and simplicity of this shot. Love the blue and the look on Chris's face -- he adored that girl.

Michael & Michelle: San Diego, California -- Photographed by Kevin. Lovely couple, freaking gorgeous wedding overlooking the ballpark in a skybox. I was just off to the left, balancing the soft box between rows of guests and a 30-story drop. Love this shot.

Jen & Seth: Springdale, Utah -- Photographed by Katie. Their wedding was bright, colorful, fresh, and any other adjective you can think of that represents how these photographs feel. Jen's wildflower bouquet is possibly my favorite of the year.

Laura & Samuel: Seattle, Washington -- Photographed by Kevin. After the ceremony, Laura changed into her traditional Korean wedding dress, and this photo of her mother helping her creates such a wonderful feeling.

Christie & Dan: Porto Cima, Missouri -- Photographed by Katie
This is one I'm submitting to print competitions. Love Christie's smile and gorgeous gown.

Nickie & Chris: 7 Springs Winery, Missouri -- Photographed by Katie. Nickie's shoes were FABULOUS (and will be appearing on my shoe fetish post soon to come) and made the list because of the "I Do" and the cherries that littered the curb where I set up this shot. I also love this shot of the couple because the sunlight perfectly reflects their bright, sun-sparkly wedding.

Natalie & Brad: Silverstone, Las Vegas -- Photographed by Kevin. I've never met this beautiful girl, but I fell in love after seeing multiple photos like this closeup. The bridal below it is simply amazing -- another of our print competition entries for the year.

Jenna & Edward: Destin Florida -- Photographed by Kevin. One of my favorite shots of the year because you only get to guess the look in Mom's eyes while she looked at her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

Helen & Gene: Paris, France -- Photographed by Kevin. Favorite ring shot EVER and most brilliantly wonderful, Eiffel Tower spinning shot. Kev took loads of stunning pictures in front of the tower but this one makes my heart happy. Well done Kev.

Erika & Tyler: Casa De Loco, Missouri -- Photographed by Katie. The simplicity and calm of this wedding's design was breathtaking. And the cupcakes tasted as good as they looked :)
And my favorite shot is....

Drumroll please...

It's a tie!

#1 Favorite: Megan & Todd: Destin, Florida -- Photographed by... not sure who took this one. I love it for many reasons, but here are the main ones: 1. Megan was SO beautiful, SO happy, SO in love with her Todd, that she sparkled more brightly than any other bride this year (in my opinion). 2. Two of these little flower girls are my very own Lux and Hazel (Megan is Kevin's sister). So I'm biased. So what. 3. Megan has the kindest heart--she actually spent the morning of her wedding at a marina for kiddie birthday party she hosted for Hazel and her new daughter Sloan. She is actually late getting ready for her wedding here, because of this birthday party. Oh, and the marina people got her party instructions all wrong. Also, her outdoor ceremony and reception venue was closed due to thunder storms. But is she upset about it? No. I love this shot because her smile is genuine amidst multiple reasons many brides would freak out. And because she loves her nieces wholeheartedly, which shows in this shot.
What a girl -- Love you Meg.

#2 Favorite: You already met Chris and Shanna at the top of this post, but this wins the spot for favorite of the year because of this: These early morning bridals began at 5:00 a.m. on the wedding day, when the mosquitoes were awake but everyone else was sleeping (wedding party had a late night drinking). Shanna, in her beautiful simplicity, came out with simple hair, no makeup, and her calf-length dress holding Chris's hand. Throughout the shoot, Chris carried Shanna's veil, lights, and reflectors, he swatted mosquitoes off of Shanna's body, he held our flashes, he picked up and actually placed Shanna in all the weird spots Kevin and I wanted her to stand -- helping however he could. He was probably only paces away from her at any given time. There is something so special and wonderful about that morning, and this couple in general. Kevin snapped this shot after Chris gave Shanna a reassuring kiss -- bridal sessions can be rough! This photo represents what I love about photography: meeting new people, being privy to watching hearts on sleeves, photographing stolen moments, and watching the sun come up with my own sweetheart. Love, love, love this shot.

Tell me which is your favorite! And Happy 2011!!!


  1. I love so many of the photos you guys take. I especially love the one of Emily in front of the industrial style wall. If I remember the story, Kevin was told to not take pictures there, but he did it anyway. My favorite of your top two, is the one of Meg starring down at the future brides as she curls her locks. You guys are amazing!!!

  2. Wow, you made my heart all warm and fuzzy, Katie. I don't know what to say!! Thank you and Kevin again and again for the all the love you guys put into our beautiful photos, and for being such a wonderful sister-in-law and brother!!!