Monday, November 14, 2011

Ryan & Leah - A destination Illinois Wedding!

It's pretty easy to get great photos when your bride is this charismatic.  She had that huge smile plastered on her face all day!  Creston was sunny & beautiful.  The wedding was on Leah's familie's property, in the middle of whole lot of corn and prarie grass.  Awesome couple, lots of fun...


  1. Your work is amazing. Each time I look at your photos, they never fail to leave a tear in my eye, a gasp in my breath, and hope in my heart. Just from looking at your work! Incredible!!!!

  2. WOW! These photos were amazing! You captured such sweet moments! You are hired for all three of my children's weddings! You are amazing at what you do.

  3. Kevin and Katie, I bought some of the photos today and wish I could have bought ALL of them, but then I would have had to sell my car. Your pictures made me feel all the happy vibes that were in abundance that day.Every picture is a work of art. Just wish I had another child to get, I DID NOT just say that. I'll book you for Mackenzie's big day in say 20 years. Maybe you could do some of our new family when you make it home to see your folks. Thanks...the pictures were worth the wait.