Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello all, just a short and sweet Blog update to let you know what we've been up to.  Just returned from a wedding last weekend at the Dreams Riviera Maya Resort in Mexico, that was amazing.  The bride and groom were a blast and the resort was just perfect.

Here's a little video Katie took of me with her IPhone.  I of course got asked to take a random photo of some other resortgoers.  I'm like a magnet for people who want pics of themselves.  You should see it, everywhere we go, hey, can you take our photo?  I usually go into detail about how this is my first time and all of that.  I think it's hilarious.  I'm usually the only one though.

We've been accepted into a few blogs which are below and have had quite a few fun things come up.

We also found out we will be speaking at WPPI in Vegas in a couple weeks at the Miller's booth on Wednesday the 22nd.

It's the largest photography convention in the world, something we look forward to attending every year.

Also  Lumiquest, a lighting company we're sponsored by, has moved our ad to the front of their website, and get this...they're blowing it up poster size for WPPI!  What?  That should be interesting to see.

We're finialists for a PDN (photo mag) best wedding photos contest.  So I think that means we'll be in the May issue.  They're not really clear on that.  But it did say congratulations, now hand over the rights to your photos.  So I'm assuming....

I was interviewed for the Las Vegas Photography Magazine for the Southern Utah Photography Guild.  You should read it, I sound very articulate.  

We're doing a membership photoshoot for the Southern Utah Photography Guild tomorrow that I'm organizing.  I have models and a location as of now.  Should be fun!

What else... Wedding Saturday in Missouri at Lodge of the 4 Seasons.  Oh and Mizzou plays Kansas tomorrow so that's a pretty big deal.


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