Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Day to Move by Andrew and Malia

Today I started a blog, you're reading it, so congratulations on that, why did I start the's good for business right? People read it and say, "wow, he did that today? I can't wait to hear how his shower went!"or,"his grammar is really improving, and I just can't believe he ate cheerios before drinking his coffee! I want to try that. Such in site!"

And then I get hired to shoot photos.

As you read my fairly random posts please note not to take anything I say too seriously, I am a fairly random person and will say fairly random things that are funny to me (randomly funny) and may or may not make sense to you. PLUS! As an added bonus, i'll write run ons and may or may not capitalize words that should or shouldn't be capitalized based on the importance I'm feeling for that object or subject at that time.

Things to looks forward too...!

Nude pictures of my cat Raven
Video posts to things I find funny or emotional
Or funny AND emotional
Funny quotes by me or people I find funny
Updates on my latest photography adventures!
And last but not least
Thought provoking ideas and new ice cream flavors

Check back often! and leave me comments, because without readers, why the hell would I be doing this! =) smiley face.

*note* everything i write how i write and my enthusiasm for writing will depend on my a)caffene high b)book reading high c)emotional music i just listened to high d)sex with my beautiful wife high. 10 points for spotting the difference. (also, days consisting of all four may cause you to lose your internet connection momentairly)

OH and I almost forgot!....

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