Friday, August 29, 2008

hello...well today is the start of the weekend, which doesn't really much when you're a photographer, but I don't have any outside shoots, so i'll just be cleaning house, in more ways than one. I'm excited for college football to begin, especially the MU vs IL game on Sat, which I'm throwing a small party for. Well see if anyone shows up...

I am trying to create some creative energy so I can finish Michelle's Fine Art book, it's taken longer than expected, because I feel like with something like that, you have to be in the right mood, Katie too. It's a little different than just sitting down and pushing buttons, your mind has to be rolling. i'm thinking trying to create creative energy is the bassackwards way to do it, i need to just show up and let it flow...

I'm not feeling overly excited about anything today, as you can see, quite a contrast from my post yesterday. but i am excited to start working on EM & TY's pics from Cancun. I was a little overwhelmed by the positive response I've gotten on those pics from their facebook page. I gave them...15 or so just straight from my camera so they'd have some, and i could show off a little. Lots of i think i'll just try to leave these alone as much as i can, they look pretty good with out my help.

It's tough when you have you're own business to know exactly what to do next. I have a full plate, but trying to decide what to do in the 2 hours Hazel is asleep is difficult. Sometimes it would be easier to just have someone say, "ok, now do this, now clean this, now play with Lux, now eat." Perhaps that part of the problem, i'm still attempting to figure this indepentant stuff out.

Well not all of my posts will drag like this one. Check back!


  1. STUNNING picture. I can't wait to see more of these finished.

  2. I second Katie's comment. This is truly lovely. What filters in Photoshop are you using? (you can email me the info just in case it's a corporate secret) ;o)

    I find creative work nets good results when one blends "I'm in the mood" with "Just show up and do something!". It's good to have a leetle bit of the creativity going and just start. Something. Suddenly, 5 hours have slipped by!

    Oh happy day.

  3. no filters, i added ... 1/2 stop of light and...darkened the edges a bit that's it, i just don't use a flash very much, and it blows out the sun. it's helps i was in a beautiful place taking pics of a beautiful bride...

    yes yes, oh to have 5 hours to be creative on a day when I'm feeling creative...

  4. It is hard when you have your own business... and yes it would be nice I guess on some level to have someone telling you do this now, do that.... but... and that's a very BIG BUTT. (ha)....
    Probably the reason people.. such as myself have my own business is because being creative on demand, doesn't do it for me!!! In fact doing anything on demand at least for my personality and probably yours because you do have your own creative business too makes me only want to do more of nothing...

    So, my advice, enjoy the creativity when it hits, play, eat, play some more.. it all works out in the end :)
    Loved the pics all of them!!!
    and Katie and you, what a perfect match :)