Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Truchas, NM Photoshoot

Here's a few more pics from our photoshoot with Jeane George Weigel. I'm stoked at how these turned out. Lots of fun playing with Lightroom. Jeane put a ton of them up on her site here. I always love seeing which photos a client will choose out of what I give them.

I still have spots available for my class next weekend in Zion National Park. I've got 2 models booked AND we're gonna hike a bit. Should be a lot of fun. I'm excited to be outdoors for this one. The weather last weekend was just perfect when we were there.

Also, Corey and I are shooting water polo tournament this week. This is the first water polo tourney I've shot. I'm assuming there will be alot of water, a lot of treading water, a lot of swimming in water and a lot of speedos (in water).

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  1. oOoh Kevin, those are amazing! looks like it was a lot of fun too=)