Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brandi & Caleb Lake of the Ozarks June 27th 2009

I flew into Missouri to shoot Brandi's wedding and after the reception at midnight drove to KC airport (4 hours) to get on my flight to Cancun by 4 am. And since I can't sleep on planes very well, I didn't sleep till....umm...sunday night? can't remember. But anyways I'll have to talk more about that on a different post, when I'm feeling more up to it. I'm still not feeling the best so I'll keep this short till I get through all their pics. These are the first 10 that really jumped out at me.
Brandi & Caleb were amazing to work with. I love working with clients that treat me as a person, as part of the family instead of just a vendor. It makes my job so much easier to keep it where it's intended, and that's feeling/energy based artwork. I've been blessed this year for all of my weddings to be that way.
It was hot in MO, hotter than I ever remember. 100 with 95% humidity. We did her bridesmaids shots standing at the door in the church discussing what I wanted them to do, then running outside for no more than 45 seconds at a time before running back inside just drenched in sweat. I'm not exaggerating either. We shot pretty much 2 full days. Lots of great candid stuff. The wedding was beautiful. There was a hole in the ceiling of the church where a spot light was lighting the two of them up. It made for this really dramatic lighting of them and the priest, with everything else being pretty dark. This lighting was not what you'd hope for, but after dealing with it, instead of fighting it, it really created some awesome shots, that I'll just bet, I'm the only one who got...HAhaha he he (sinister laugh).
The reception was a blast. I love being on the floor dancing with everyone. Flying around with my camera. I decided not to use my flash as much as I could get away with. It was really dark. But the lighting made for some really great shots. I used my flash more when they all really got to dancing, cause of the SS.
The 2 bridal pics we did the morning of the wedding at 545am. Had to before it got too hot, and it got real hot real quick. Brandi had her amazing bridesmaids out helping her and helping me. Special thanks to Nicole here, she really put up with my flash bossyness with a smile.
Oh and Caleb and his groomsmen are all firefighters, that should explain the truck. And I had to put the pic of that little kid breaking it down. Doing all kinds of flips and spins, cartwheels, killer.
Cancun pics up tomorrow maybe.

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