Thursday, July 16, 2009

Conner's Boudoir

Here's just a few of my favorite photos from our boudoir shoot we did the night before the wedding. Conner has given me permission to use these for whatever I'd like, which is awesome. She was amazing to work with, hard to get a bad shot honestly. Just turned up the music, drank some wine and shot away. Lots of fun!

Working on finishing the new website. Katie and I have been going at it almost non stop for 4 days. Getting pretty sick of it actually, but the new site is going to be amazing.

We booked another wedding for September in Paris. Can't wait for a 2nd chance at creating some beautiful art there. I think the pictures look good from last year, but I know what I'm capable of right now, and can't wait to have another crack at it. Especially with Katie there for all her expertise.

gotta get back to work


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