Saturday, May 8, 2010

Destin, FL wedding : Megan & Todd

The first night we arrived in Destin it was perfect. We watched an amazing sunset, Florida sunsets have always been my favorite. The next day, the day before the wedding, it started raining in the evening. The weather was calling for LOTS of high winds and showers. Megan was pretty worried. I said, " I never get rained out, I'm good luck. " She was still pretty worried. It rained the next morning a little bit. Megan's bridesmaids took control. They rented a house on the beach, that morning, on their dollar. That way there would be a back up plan at least if it started to rain hard. "I never get rained out," I said again. In Cancun when it was a monsoon for the first 3 days; in Paris when it was actually raining the entire time, until we went outside, it just misted; in Colorado Springs, it didn't start raining until the reception was over. She was still pretty worried.

When we got to the house, the girls had rented, it was completely decorated, in just a couple hours too. I walked outside.... The house sat on a cliff with a wooden stairway headed down to a private beach. An old rickety fence framed the backdrop behind the arch. It was perfect. We had been at the original location the afternoon before for rehearsal....this was WAY better, it was PERFECT! Time for the ceremony and it didn't rain! Lots of clouds, lots of wind, but NO rain (a photographer's dream), and the location was AMAZING. I don't think they could have planned that better if they tried.

We had a great time. I mean it couldn't have been better or more beautiful, if it had been sunny and "perfect" weather. Watching her friends rally to make Megan's wedding everything she's always wanted, seeing Megan be cool with everything and go with the flow instead of being mad at what she couldn't control, seeing her and Todd so happy. Man, it was amazing, and my luck didn't have anything to do with it. Love you guys, Congratulations!


  1. the pic of the rings on teh starfish and bottle is soooooooooo awesome! Looks like an amazing wedding.

  2. these.are.breath-taking.

    what a beautiful bride and a beautiful location.

    Great shots.

  3. He's not kidding! No rain during our wedding! Hurricane force winds- but NO rain! EVERY bride should wish for cloudy windy weather on her big day if she wants amazing, gorgeous, and unequaled artistic pictures.

    God will either give you what you wish...or something far better! -author unknown

    THANK YOU Kevin and Katie! You have such beautiful talent and we love you!!

    -Megan & Todd

  4. Kevin these are outstanding!!!! I love what you and katie do!!! So talented!! Love u guys!