Monday, May 24, 2010

A Beach Wedding in Destin, FL - Edward & Jenna - May 23rd, 2010

Oh yeah you read it right, that was yesterday.... I have never posted photos within 24 hours. I left my hotel in Destin this morning at 4:00am, flew to Houston, and now I've been in the Vegas airport for going on 8 hours. Thought I'd get some work done. I'm meeting Katie here in a bit and we're off to Tulum, MX for another wedding. But more about Destin!...

Jenna & Edward are the kind of couple you love to photograph. So in love, Jenna was a sweetheart. Always with a smile on her face. There is this energy about her and Edward when they're together. It fills the room and affects everyone. It's really awesome to be apart of. Both sides of the family & their friends were so easy and warm to be around. I felt right at home. I was trusted to create and treated with lots of love. I really appreciate that...

We shot Bridals on Saturday in the heat in Seaside for a couple hours. Then had a rehearsal dinner at Tommy Bahamas. Which needs to be noted, is the most amazing restaurant ever, (according to Jenna's family). And it was actually very good =)

Sunday I headed over around noon to start the getting ready photos. Then the day just flew by from there. They had a beautiful ceremony on the beach around 6 with the sun starting to set. We were fortunate for a storm to blow in, but not rain which created an amazing sunset. We ran back down to the beach when we felt like the time was right to get some more shots. I asked Jenna if she would mind getting in the water a little. You've got to love when you ask a bride if she minds getting a little wet/dirty/sandy and she says, "whatever will make the photos look good!"

The reception was a lot of fun, Jenna & Edward were all smiles all night. I got pretty attached to these guys. It's always hard at the end of a wedding, with all that you invest emotionally as an artist, to finally say good night. I had a wonderful couple days getting to know Jenna, Edward, Jacob and their families.

I better get moving. I think it's actually time for me to head somewhere after sitting here for the last 9 hours... Pics from Tulum up next!


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