Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tulum, Mexico Wedding: Chris and Shanna May 28th, 2010

From Destin to Vegas to Tulum to a wedding here in St. George last weekend. Crazy few weeks. Tulum, though, was a much needed break in between. Our bride was a super sweet, super laid back girl from Missouri. Actually went to the same HS as me, but we didn't know each other. She told me she saw Emily & Tyler's pics from Cancun in '08 and has wanted us to do her pics since. Pretty awesome compliment. Our groom is a navy stud from San Diego. Super nice guy who is very much in love with his girl.

Shot some Engagement style shots the night before the wedding walking around at the beach and the hotel. I was all about the sunrise bridals the next morning, but wasn't so sure if they would be. Six am in Tulum is 4am in Cali. But they were all for it and were all ready to go around 530 am. So off we went, and man it was a colorful sunup. Chris came along and was super supportive of Shanna and was just there in case she needed him. Really really cool.

Wedding started at 11 on the beach with about 30 friends & family. After the wedding we did a little walk around the property taking advantage of some cool architecture. I got pretty excited when I saw one of the workers there carrying some freshly cut palm leaves or whatever they were. The last four pics are from the Tulum ruins. We took taxi's out there after the wedding. Very unique place. Ruins were cool except you couldn't get very close or take a wedding dress in. Which took away from some ideas, but not away from the day. The beach was amazing. It's worth the trip for the beach there.

Everyone was wonderful and friendly from the start. Again Katie and I felt so grateful and welcomed by an amazing couple and their family. Getting down to Tulum a few days early gave Katie and I time to be relaxed, focused and prepared. And on top of that it was such a no stress wedding. Everything was so laid back and it was all so refreshing. It fit them perfectly. Shanna and Chris go down as one of the easiest couples to work with, and one of the most fun to be around. I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to work with these guys and their families.

Been sick the past 4 days so this is up a little late. Have a lot of work to catch up on and off to Seattle/Missouri in 1.5 weeks.


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