Friday, October 15, 2010

Natalie & Brad - A Las Vegas Wedding - Oct. 2, 2010

When I asked Natalie what her thoughts/feelings were about bridals she mentioned that they love architectural photography, which I do too, so I was pretty stoked to say the least and knew exactly where I wanted to go. City Center, right in front of Aria hotel on the Strip. If you've never been there, it's some of the coolest architecture/design anywhere. Natalie looked beautiful in her dress and was trusting and open to any of the ideas I threw out. I had a lot of help from the coolest bridesmaid ever, Jooyyce who was all smiles and lightened the mood for everyone.
It was kinda stormy and kept raining off and on, but we never got wet. The lighting was Perfect. I was a little concerned about the location being a brand new hotel, a fancy one at that, that we might come into some problems with the photography being.....ok'd. But I thought about the number of tourists with cameras in and out of there every day and the fact that of all the places I've shot, Mexico, Paris, Vegas numerous times, Bars & Restaurants around the country, etc... that we'd be fine. Especially if we just set it up, shot and go out. I always like to shoot first and then take the heat later, I mean, if you get the shot and they kick you out, you've got the shot. So we did fine actually for a while shooting outside the main entrance with the amazing waterfall/fountain...thing, that they have out there, walked around and set up OUTSIDE next to this restaurant, and here comes a dude in a suit, telling us we can't shoot there. ? We were outside next to the ya know, we just walked around the corner and shot some more. Honestly, I was pretty pleased, if you go to all the normal places, try stuff all the other photographers have tried, what are you gonna get? The same stuff.

These turned out to be some of my favorite bridals ever. Lighting, location, bride, perfect. I really fought posting a lot more. Less is more.

We showed up around noon and started shooting getting ready shots. Big shout out to Bronson of Bronson Bailey Photography, he's a good friend of mine and was a ton of help with this wedding, assisting, giving advice. It was nice having another professional photographer there just to talk things out with, lighting, set up, etc. Also, he pretty much won over the girls who kept calling him Bronson Bailey (full name, like James Bond), man of mystery.

I don't usually do the groomsmen jumping into the air shot, cause it's done a lot, but they requested it and I love it! Wish it had been my idea...
Brad's a chef and when he showed up he had his suitcase of knives. When I asked, "Hey, why do you have a suitcase full of knives?" He said,"For the photos." Holy crap, I was in Heaven. The groom brought knives. I had a few ideas, but I had seen this photo of tiger woods and his caddie swapping their clubs in the air and the photographer caught it at just the right moment, a really cool shot. So I asked if Brad and his best man would mind throwing them to each other. And Brad said, that might not be a great idea, cause if we miss they'll just go right through us, they're pretty sharp. But after a little bit of talking into, they agreed, I just told them they'd probably be ok and it would make a really cool shot.
Also I want to point out that this group of guys was one of the easiest groups I've shot, totally into the ideas I had and all into the art of it. The bridals went pretty awesome too. Really overall, just a fun group of people who were so laid back and easy to work with.

The wedding was held in a great little spot at Silverstone Golf Club. It started to rain a bit and was super windy. But if you've been following this blog at all, it never rains for a wedding I shoot, it just doesn't. So after letting them know that, they were fine, the rain stopped and the wedding and post wedding shots on the course had a perfect amount of clouds and wind, along with a beautiful sunset.

Speaking of photos I don't usually post, are set up shots like this one, but I thought it turned out pretty cool, we had to hurry to get all these done before the light disappeared. And the wedding party was up for anything fun, which is always the coolest.

The reception was a blast, Natalie & Brad, their family and friends, were some of the nicest, coolest people I've ever had at a wedding. It's another one of those that when you leave you just think, man I freakin love my job. I loved this wedding, the couple, I'm so glad I got the opportuinity to work with them. Another couple, I think, I'll be close to forever.



  1. Beautiful Job Kev! The bridals are stunning - wow. I think Natalie and Brad are going to be very happy with these.

  2. Amazing as usual! Thanks Kevin for shooting couples out here with us at Silverstone. We love your work!

  3. The photos are great Kevin. I really enjoyed the photo shot with you on Friday. You are super and captured some beautiful shots.
    Thanks for the super job.
    You did make me nervous at the waterfall and her dress of course guess that's typical MOMs!!

  4. amazing, as usual. i'm loving the architecture shots as well as the posed one right before the sun fell out of the sky.... looks incredible.

    just love the work you guys do!!