Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Missouri Wedding at Porto Cima: Christie and Dan

When I spoke with Christie on the phone and asked her what her wedding colors were going to be, she said something along the lines of "charcoal, silver, ivory, and bling." I mention this because the combination of the colors (bling included) is something I hadn't seen before and had no idea what to expect. Well, it turned out absolutely beautiful. As soon as I met Christie, with her bright, sparkly smile, I found that the "bling" part was just an extension of her great personality. From her silver wedding dress that coordinated with the ivory table cloths, to the shiny, silvery cake and studded floral arrangements, Christie did a fabulous job planning the wedding and making all her guests feel welcome (and her vendors -- thank you Christie:))

We did some shots after she put her dress on -- we were a little rushed for time, but Christie was a total natural and made my job very easy. I can't get enough of her dress -- it was stunning. There is something about silver wedding dresses that is unbelievably beautiful and sexy.
(I don't usually post so many bridal shots, but I'm excited about them, what can I say?)


Dan, who was such a kind and truly wonderful guy, and his "real" best man. (Sorry Gary, that's what I heard). Yes, that is Christie's ring around his blingy ribbon collar :)

The ceremony was held inside the clubhouse at Porto Cima, the evening after Heidi and Andy's wedding (check out the previous post). This venue is really spectacular and I was excited about the wedding taking place under such a unique and artistic canopy.

Shots with the newlyweds after the ceremony.

I really wanted to get this shot of Christie before I left at the end of the night. She told me that ever since she first had dinner at Porto Cima, she had envisioned herself walking down these stairs in her wedding dress... sooo... I HAD to get a great shot of her, in her dress, in front of the stairs (even though we already took some earlier... I wasn't 100% satisfied). I had to eliminate a 500 million pound plant stand to get the shot, but I'm happy about the damage to my hands because I think this one really shows off Christie's playful, lovely, statuesque form and spirit.

Again, I have to give a huge thank you to Dionne for helping with this one, and a massive thank you to Christie and Dan for being so kind and wonderful to work with! True story: I sat and had dinner with them at their head table while everyone was eating... they insisted! You can't imagine how inappropriate I felt about it all, and how much coercing it took them to get me to sit down and eat, but it illustrates the thoughtfulness and big hearts of these guys. Thanks Christie and Dan -- I am honored you chose us to do your wedding photography and had a great time!

Peace and Love, Katie


  1. Katie, it was great working with you too! - The Wedding Pictures of both couples that weekend at Porta Cima have turned out fantastic. I was amazed at how "calm" and "content" both brides were, before and during their wedding...
    - You are very talented, kind, a hard worker and a pleasure to be around. Hope we will cross paths again in the future!

  2. Congrats again to Dan and Christie....beautiful pictures!!

  3. Love the pictures Katie, can;t wait to see more.