Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photography Adventures: Sarlat, Chateau de Lacoste and Anna & Anthony

So, after the whirlwind incredible wedding of Alicia and Shane, we woke up early the next morning for a train ride to Sarlat where we would be staying while shooting Anna and Anthony's wedding.  We upgraded our train tickets to first class because we were exhausted from the wedding the day before and wanted to be comfortable -- but we weren't expecting bunk beds.  We looked something like this:

(Credit to whomever this creative photographer is)

But hey, we slept.

We arrived in Sarlat and were immediately in love. Incredible history surrounded us, evident in the bowing buildings stacked Dr. Seuss-style up narrow cobblestone streets.

Lazy cats lounged in windowsills full of geraniums and wildflowers and the steep avenues had a cold, musty scent that made us feel alive and excited. We hiked around the streets (some of them were steep!) and debated if we should have dinner at that perfect cafe or that one. 
We were in fois gras country, so goose liver signs were everywhere.

But if we thought Sarlat was spectacular, we were utterly blown away by the beauty of the wedding/reception location: Chateau de Lacoste.

From the incredible view of the Dordogne Valley to the rows of fragrant lavender lining the gardens, to the miniature private chapel picturesquely nestled on the side of the hill, this place was breathtaking.

 Anna and Anthony were fantastic, as well as their family and friends that we spent a few days with after the wedding. More pictures of that adventure to come!


  1. I always wonder... does your job seem "normal?" If not, how often do you have to smack yourself in the face and say "Is this real life?" Beautiful photos as usual!!!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous I just can't believe how beautiful that bride looks.