Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photography Adventures, Continued

We thought we'd be updating our blog every day while we were in France, but that turned out to be a laugh.  We've been so busy!  Hopefully, the photos below will give you some scope for the kind of journey we've been having, which has been, to say the least, incredible.  Our travels have taken us from Paris, to the quaint town of Sarlat (where the movie Chocolat was filmed!), to exploring the medieval town of Sainte Emillion and finally to Bordeaux, where we've tasted wine with Anna and Anthony (our L.A. couple) and been overwhelmed by the beauty of this country.

These pictures are from the first leg of this journey: Alicia and Shane's wedding.
Just a taste :)

The locations are Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, a stunning mansion about an hour from Paris, and the deck of a yacht sailing down the Seine, where Alicia and Shane had their reception.  Incredible couple, incredible settings, incredible wedding.  More photos to come.

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  1. Amazing pix! can't wait to see the ones from Sarlat!!