Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Day in Paris

Flowers I got for katie (bonus points =) ) & the Key to our Apartment!


Some delicious pastries

Lunch, Brie Bacon Arugula & Mustard on freshly baked bread.  White wine to top it off.

Espresso only in France you silly Americans with your large watered down coffee!

 Model shoot (or something) happening in the Royal Palace.  Nice pants.  Going to try to get my bride to do this pose.
Random Parisian photographer shooting a couple in the Royal Palace.  A very creative/unique wedding dress.

This couple looked like fun, but what a terrible pose.  Katie and I were going over all the things we would have done differently while watching that dude pose these guys.

Our Apartment.  13 Rue de Lille.  Right across the Sienne from the Louvre.

Today another day off in Paris.  Relaxing, getting caught up on our sleep and the jet lag.  Had a stellar lunch at Au 34.  Rack of Lamb, lima beans, green beans, wine.  Going to go out tonight and....just hang out, drink espresso.  Our first photoshoot is tomorrow evening.  Going to do a pre-wedding engagement style shoot down by the Siene across from Notre Dame, Pont Alexander III and the Louvre.  Big wedding Saturday.  Our big castle wedding.  Can't wait!

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