Tuesday, July 24, 2012

International Wedding Photographers in Pennsylvania

How did we get the shot?  We did about 10 takes in between cars passing in front of me, I was on the sidewalk across the street. I had them start at the pillar behind them and had her dad call Remmy (the dog) from the left side of the pic. That way I could get the leash tight. 

I had Meagan look back at Chris.  I wanted movement and a feeling of a casual stroll with some separation between everyone.  I really wanted to have the whole pic dark except where they were. I only had this idea after my first 5 pics felt flat.  Katie was initially holding the off camera flash on the left side of the photo, but it just didn't spot light them well enough.  And she had to stand so far out of the frame to avoid being in the shot (causing the flash to not fire as bright too).  

There needed to be more of a contrast between Meg Chris & Remmy and the rest of the photo.  So I upped the SS and handed Chris the flash to hold on his hip (via radio popper), creating the bright flash.  Shot with a 24-70 at 34mm 2500 SS 200 ISO and f/2.8, but after re-thinking it, I would have increased my aperture to at least 5.0.  I did get them in focus, but with that AV and not really adding anything I wanted to blur out, rethinking, I probably would have upped it a few stops.  

In Lightroom I upped the clairity, down the blacks and shadows, upped the whites, took out a bunch of saturation and added some sepia, and went over the background a bit darkening it a 1/2 stop and adding more clarity.  The photo feels pretty finished to me, but I may try to get a bit more light on Meg's veil and Remmy's face. 

I enjoy this process of sharing how we got the shot.  So, watch for more!

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