Monday, July 30, 2012

International Wedding Photographers in Paris - Flashback!

Here's a photo I took in 2008, our first wedding in Paris.  For some reason I've just had this photo on my mind for the past few days and felt like re-editing it.  I don't really feel like it got the attention it deserved.

We had just left Heather & Tyler's wedding at Musee Rodin and headed by car to Pont Alexandre III for some photos (our first stop of many).  I hadn't even seen the Eiffel Tower at that point, and to jump out on this amazing, huge bridge, see it off in the distance and with the knowledge that I had about 20 to find the lighting, find the spot, get the bride and groom doing something natural & was all a bit overwhelming.

This shot is just down the street at the second location we went to.  My brain was in "new location super sensitive creative overdrive" and I felt pretty focused and excited at the time.  After a few shots of both Tyler and Heather, we were about to leave & I saw these guys sitting on the steps and asked them, mostly with sign language (pointing, motioning) parle vous France? etc if they'd all look over at Heather.  French men are pretty good at that anyway so it wasn't too hard.

I just love this shot, the day, location, the coordinators, and of course Heather & Tyler who Katie and I both still keep in touch with.  Shot on my 5D 50mm 1.4 lens ISO 50 at 1/40 (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY) f/7.1 (AGAIN, NO IDEA)  Best I can guess, I was running around like a crazy person and perhaps accidentally shot in P mode or something?  Anyway, I'll admit that I'm a bit embarrassed that those were my settings, but hey, it looks pretty damn good doesn't it?


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