Wednesday, August 15, 2012

International Wedding Photographers in Ireland - Lynn & Ruarc

Ireland, what can we say?  It was absolutely amazing.  Lynn is Suzanne's sister from one of our weddings in Paris last year.  You remember, Suzanne & Paul, and this photo of Paul from my personal favorite photo from 2011.
Anyway, Ruarc and Lynn's families are some the most loving and wonderful people we've ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.
As you watch the video you'll notice the guys standing on the beach and then jumping in.  You need to know this was in the early morning, before getting ready, and that's FRIGID Ireland coastal water.  I (Kevin) chose not to get in.
Another point to note is if you follow us at all on FB you know it was absolutely pouring rain, monsoon style rain.  We posted one video on FB where the wind broke my umbrella and I couldn't walk straight.  This was the day before the wedding.  Obviously, I was a bit nervous my luck had worn out, 100% chance of rain for the following day.  (if you don't know about KHP & rain, look into some past blogs).  The next day we woke up to blue skies.  It was still windy like crazy, but no rain.  Apparently the rest of Ireland, the entire island was getting dumped on, except where we were.  True story.  Rain like they haven't seen in many years, destroy the crops & flood kind of rain.
The KHP record is still intact, thank God.
The wedding was held at the Doonbeg Golf Club right on the coast in south west Ireland.  Unreal.  Enjoy!

Please go full screen with 720HD on this video and turn it up!!

Leaving for red eye to New York tonight.  2 wedding in NY & then VT.  Send us love!  You can follow me on instagram for pics k2_khp.



  1. I smiled, then I got tears in my eyes, then I smiled more. Absolutely amazing work, again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This wedding looks wonderful!! I completely love the pictures. Great work!! They are so amusing to look at and just fine-looking