Monday, August 31, 2009

Christy & Mark - Colorado Springs, August 22, 2009

Christy & Mark are Awesome. Their families are Awesome. Colorado Springs is Awesome.

Where to start. This was the 3rd wedding in consecutive weekends in different states. Christy and Mark volunteered to pick us up at the airport and even though we were there 2 full days, they said "you'll find rides." See, our cottage was about 5 miles from theirs and 15 miles from the wedding site. But sure enough we always had a ride. And most of the time they just gave us the keys to their car, which says a lot about how Awesome they are.

We did engagement style shots at 5am at the Broadmoor hotel in CO Sp. amazing hotel. Then we were off the the rehearsal, dinner & the boudoir shots that night. Saturday started pretty early and ran till about 11pm.

Their wedding was in the middle of a huge grove of aspen trees in Divide, CO. And I have such a love for aspen trees. There were trails cut in between them leading every which way. It was so beautiful up there. I told Katie I could move up there the next day. The property was located at 9300 ft I think and had a sick view Pike's Peak off in the distance. Which you can see in a couple pics.

Loved this wedding, love this couple. We had a blast and are so thankful we got this one.

Also thanks to Christy's Awesome parents for driving us to the airport Sunday morning!

If this is the first blog you've read in a while, you don't know how busy I am. It's ok, I'll tell you now. I'm very busy. Gotta run


  1. This wedding venue was so nice! You did awesome Kevin and team! I love the new Vegas ones as well...

  2. This batch is particularly awesome. You rock, dude.

  3. GREAT photos. You and Kate are welcome to come back to LorienDell anytime! All the best for you and your family - George & Lynn